Fans Are Comparing Henry Cavill In ‘Witcher’ To Other Characters And It’s Pretty Funny

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Published 01.11.18

Not too long ago it was revealed that not only would Netflix be creating a series based on the popular Witcher series of books, but Henry Cavill would be be playing the role of Geralt, the protagonist.

Over the years, people have come to love the Witcher franchise, with it being adapted into a film, various video games and graphic novels, and the casting of Superman seemed like the perfect addition.

With that in mind, Netflix released the first look of Cavill as Geralt – the monster hunter – and I think it’s fair to say that, so far, he’s been quite contentious among the fans…

God he’s so damn handsome. How is that fair?

I digress…

Even if you’re not familiar with the Witcher series, it’s sort of easy to see why some people are a bit disappointed from the get-go.

For a start, he’s arguably too pretty, and it doesn’t seem at all like Netflix even made an effort to make his hair not look like a wig.

Cavill will be playing a younger Geralt, pre-beard and gratuitous scarring, but even so, the concepts that fans had drawn up were pretty cool…

The obvious comparisons were made…

I mean, it’s easy to see where all of these people are coming from – he is too pretty, but then that’s just our Henry – he’s a genuine specimen.

I want to say I trust Netflix. They’ve had some proper stinkers but in general, they usually get it right.

Only time will tell…

Images via Netflix, Twitter