The Grinch has been taken off Netflix – just in time for Christmas – and fans of the film are livid that they can’t watch it.

In a pretty Grinch-like move, The Grinch has been taken off Netflix, leaving people all over the Twittersphere furious that they can’t watch the film now that it’s seasonally appropriate.

I went to visit my girlfriend on Saturday and at her behest, we were to start being Christmassy. With that, we checked Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for Elf (which I haven’t seen), saw that it wasn’t there, and then thinking on out feet, watched the worst Christmas film ever made.


Make no mistake, we watched a bad film on purpose, but nothing could have prepared us for the clunky dialogue, weird directorial decisions and dangerously formulaic plot of Return to Christmas Creek.

Good god that was a horrible film. I’ll definitely watch it again.

I know this article is about The Grinch, but if you’re at all interested, Return to Christmas Creek is available on Amazon Prime Video and is about:

With Christmas approaching, a career-focused Chicago app developer returns to her small hometown to rediscover the meaning of Christmas. There she reunites with her estranged uncle and her childhood best friend, who she begins falling for.”


Dangerously poor.

Anyway, us not finding Elf bears similarities to people recently looking for The Grinch on Netflix. Previously it had been available to watch on the streaming service, but bizarrely, as Christmas draws in, it’s been taken off.

Not the Benedict Cumberbatch animated remake, by the way, the original Jim Carrey one from 19 years ago.


People have taken to Twitter with their disdain for Netflix after they’ve apparently done this to punish people for sharing passwords.





How can I watch The Grinch?


If you have it, The Grinch is available on on Sky Cinema for free, as I understand but if not, you’ll have to wait for it to appear on TV, buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray for a pittance or you can rent it for £2.49 on Amazon Prime Video.

Jokes on you nerds. I don’t even like that film.

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