Fans Are Saying New Dating Show ‘Heartbreak Holiday’ Is Like ‘Love Island’ But Better

Olivia MulliganOlivia Mulligan in Entertainment, TV
Published 22.08.19

BBC’s New Dating Programme ‘Heartbreak Holiday’ has had a fantastic early reception from viewers, with some even claiming the show is more entertaining than ‘Love Island’.

Here’s why…

That’s right, BBC Three have jumped on the dating-show-bandwagon.

You can practically hear the haters of reality TV shows gagging at this news- a new dating show which sees young hopefuls set out to find love and romance.

Honestly, I used to be one of those people myself, but then in a completely random turn of events which involved flicking onto Love Island one night, I became curiously intrigued. As did my mother.

There’s something perversely pleasing about being given a look into someone’s private life, and feeling like you’re a part of the drama which soon unfolds.

For Love Island fans who are not yet aware, BBC have introduced a new dating show to iPlayer with all the characteristics of Love Island…and more.

Describing the show on the iPlayer website, BBC says the show sees “ten strangers, all united by heartbreak, head off for the summer of a lifetime around the Greek islands. In each episode, they will be joined by a surprise visitor from home who will force them to confront their past head on…”.

Sounds a lot like Love Island, doesn’t it?

If you’re thinking that the show will essentially be no different from ITV’s hit dating show, then you’re in for quite a surprise.

The show has already been praised by viewers for the diversity in their choice of cast, with there being more variation in the cast’s backgrounds and social identities.

One twitter user said of the show, “nah, bbc have a show like love island called heartbreak holiday- but it has contact with the outside world and genuine diversity and it feels wayyy more genuine”.

The debut episode sees the group’s first initial meeting in Mykonos, where ‘early romance blossoms’ between some, according to the episode synopsis.

Arriving only this week to the streaming service, the show has presented strong competition towards ITV’s Love Island, with some viewers claiming it is ‘more entertaining’.

For Love Island fans, the show will definitely be a hit, offering a fresh approach to reality TV and dating.


Given that the ITV show ended almost a month ago (with  Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea crowned winners), Heartbreak Holiday will keep fans going until the release of the Winter Love Island Series, which was announced earlier in June.

For those who don’t usually watch these shows, I guarantee you; once you start watching them…there’s no stopping.

At this point I feel like it’s not even a choice…these shows will grab your attention whether you like it or not!

When can I watch Heartbreak Holiday?

Heartbreak Holiday’s first series consists of seven episodes, which will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer, as well as preview clips