Fans Spot Starbucks Cup On Table In Latest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode

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Published 06.05.19

During the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones, fans spotted a Starbucks coffee cup on the table in front of Daenerys Targaryen.

I get it, I get it, I get it. Fighting, conquering, battling for control of the Seven Kingdoms – you want to be up and alert for it. While milk and wine is great and all, though, us early-risers know that nothing beats a cup of coffee first thing in the morn’.

Which is presumably why Danerys Targeyren ordered a skinny caramel macchiato or whatever beverage Starbucks serves in Westeros, because eagle-eyed fans have spotted a Starbucks cup on the table right in front of her in the latest episode.


During Season 8 Episode 4, titled “The Last Of The Starks”, everyone in Winterfell’s having a great song and dance about their recent triumph, while Jon Snow’s lapping up all the attention.

Dany’s disdain was pretty obvious, as was the instantly recognisable cup with the green mermaid on it right in front of her.


There doesn’t appear to be a name on it – although there is no way a Starbucks employee spelled Daenerys right when they struggle with Josh – but nonetheless, the fact it was there at all caught people by surprise.



I reckon she definitely has soy milk.

She just has that look about her.

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