Fans Think It Was Predicted That Monica Would Have Twins Way Back In Season One

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Published 03.06.19
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Friends is one of those TV shows where people love to watch it with their mates and say “haha that is so us!”

The thing is, it so rarely ever is. The Friends always have at least one romantic interest on the go, they never appear to struggle for money, they live in great flats in a very expensive area and they’re all attractive.

But there are a few things about Friends that resonate with viewers more than some, and among those plot points is Monica’s struggle to start a family.


She was desperate to have kids with Richard and when it came to the time when she and Chandler were ready, they weren’t able to conceive due to medical reasons.

Happily though, through a surrogate, the two were able to have not one, but two babies, as twins came.

It was a lovely ending for a couple who were unable to have kids, but some fans think that this was predicted back in season one of the groundbreaking sitcom.


In season one, Ross and his ex-wife, Carol, welcome little Ben into the world, as all of the Friends are at the hospital with them. Meanwhile, Monica is intensely jealous of Ross, wishing that she could have a family of her own.

Redditor i_Blastoise pointed out that when she storms out, she sees a couple leaving with newborn twins. To that, MOnica exclaims:

No fair. I don’t even have one. How come they get two?

Coincidence, huh?


Well there’s more, as not long after that, Chandler chimes in with:

I’ll tell you what. If we’re 40 and neither of us are married, what do you say you and I get together and have one?

Obviously he meant it as a joke, but come on, what a turn of events that unfolded…

How lovely. As another fan explained:

I just watched this episode the other day and knowing how the show ends makes this moment so perfect for me now. The writers would have had absolutely no idea that Monica and Chandler were going to end up together let alone with twins and yet it all comes a full circle so beautifully!

Friends really is the gift that keeps on giving, after all of these years.

Images via NBC

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