Fanta Is Finally Releasing Its Grape Flavour In The UK

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Uncategorised
Published 15.02.19
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Fanta is criminally overlooked in my opinion, but even if you are a fan there’s a good chance you haven’t even tasted it’s most delicious form yet.

I only discovered it when I was in Thailand a few years ago but their version of it is the most sugary, sweet, syrupy drink your taste buds will ever have the good fortune to come into contact with.

Honestly, it’s like the most deliciously orange version of CALPOL you could ever imagine, only not, you know, disgusting. I got seriously addicted to it, as well as 7-Eleven cheese and ham toasties and strip bars. Obvs.

Anyway, I digress, because Fanta are releasing a new flavour right here in the UK and it looks grape!

Awful pun.

Yes, after public demand, the beverage purveyors are pushing out grape zero to their collection, joining the likes of orange, the totally exotic fruit twist and the ever-reliable thirst-buster, icy lemon.

The flavour has been on sale in the US, Japan and other countries for years, but until now, it’s only been available as a flavour in make-your-own Freestyle machines.

You know, those ones you get in Five Guys that do ridiculous flavours like Dr.Pepper melon and Sprite banana or whatever.

Apparently, Coca-Cola have said that the drink will launch in Asda on February 21 and other shops next month, but it will only be available in a zero added sugar version to get around the pesky sugar tax.

Speaking about the new launch, Fanta’s Rosalind Brown, Marketing Manager for Flavours and Adults said:

“Grape flavour has proved to be a firm favourite in our Freestyle machines and we’re excited to permanently add the flavour to the Fanta zero range.

“We’ve enjoyed introducing an explosion of fruity new variants to the range, which we hope our current fans and those looking to try something new will enjoy.”

Fanta Grape zero sugar will be available in 330ml, 500ml and 2l bottles and multipacks.

Go get it yah filthy animals.

Images via Coca-Cola