Farmer Knits Ear Warmers For His Calves To Keep Them Warm

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Published 16.08.19

As soon as frost hits the ground, we humans are quick to pull out our winter wardrobe; Big insulating coats, long scarfs wrapped around multiple times and knitted hats and gloves are just some of the common sights we see as we hit the winter months.

We don’t do well with the cold.

Well, we’re not the only species that suffer from Jack Frost nipping at our noses. Sure some animals have evolved to adapt to the harsher seasons, such as cats getting a fluffier coat and most wildlife hibernate until it gets warmer again. But not all animals can handle the season changes…

Cans Moleman, an Irish Dairy farmer, posted to Twitter the most adorable photo of a calf wearing a rather stylish pair of pale pink knitted ear muffs, that will thaw anyone with a frozen heart.

Other than increasing the calf’s cuteness factor over 9000, they have a purpose; “So it turns out ear muffs for calves to stop them getting frostbite are a real thing…” Moleman tweeted alongside the photo, which now has 172k likes and 30k retweets, as of this writing.

In countries like Canada where temperatures can get below freezing, baby cows like this one can be seen rocking a pair of these earmuffs, that help to keep their ears warm and dry from the rain and snow thanks to the water repellent material on the outside.

Coleman luckily (or maybe unluckily as the Canadian calves are beating the Irish calves on the cuteness scale), doesn’t have to have such an extravagant winter wardrobe for his babies; although they do get some trendy coats, as seen in his follow up tweet.

Other Twitter users responded with not only their own photos of calves showing off their earmuffs but also other fashion-forward animals.

Earmuffs, coats, saddles, anything to make farm life look more glamourous and adorable is great in my books, I can’t wait to see what else can come from this! I am taking notes from this user on hats for dogs, my dog might want to hide during winter…

Cuteness overload.

Images via Twitter