The future is here, and it’s in the form of terrifying wolf robots designed to scare off bears that are causing problems for farmers in Japan.

A scarecrow isn’t going to cut it when the problem is a great big bear, so ingenious farmers have turned to technology to protect their crops after an increase in bear sightings caused a spate of accidents and damage.

Life was already being impacted by the pandemic, so the addition of bears was an unexpected problem.

It’s created a new niche for jokes.

The robot wolves admittedly wouldn’t win any prizes for special fx in a horror film, and despite the comedy gold they seem to be having the desired result for the farmers.

In the Hokkaido city of Takikawa, farmers reached out to scientists after two fatalities.

It’s thought that climate change is to blame, as well as a reduced supply of pre-hibernation food for the bears which is essential for their survival.

According to The Guardian 157 people were attacked by bears in 2019.

Since the Monster Wolves were installed, there have been no attacks.

The wolves are designed to scare away bears by moving and make loud noises.

Black bears and wolves used to share the central and northern regions of Japan, but the wolves are now sadly extinct so farmers are having to rely on a robotic alternative.

Scary or silly?

Image via Alamy