It seems that Costa Coffee have realised that we need some festive joy to brighten the gloom of 2020, as they’ve announced the return of their seasonal favourites.

Are you in the mood for Black Forest, Irish Velvet or a dash of cinnamon?

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Our winter favourites are back! Including Cinnamon Spiced Cappuccino, Gingerbread & Cream, Black Forest & Cream, and Irish Velvet Cream…Get them whilst you can.

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Some would say it’s sacrilege when we haven’t had Halloween yet and Starbucks has only just launched their Pumpkin Spice offering, but Costa announced their much-loved Bonfire latte and hot chocolate wouldn’t be returning for 2020, so maybe we should take the happiness where we find it this year.

First up on the list is the joyously festive Gingerbread Cream Latte.  A milky coffee complete with a generous dash of gingerbread syrup, cream topping and a mini gingerbread man on top.

If you like it spicy, how about a Cinnamon Spiced Cappuccino? It’s a trio of blended spices – cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise, and can be made fully vegan with a plant based milk.

For chocolate lovers, what about a Black Forest Hot Chocolate & Cream? Fruity sauce and creamy hot chocolate are topped off with some shimmery, sparkly chocolate curls.

For a taste of Irish liqueur without the booze, they’re bringing back the Irish Velvet Cream Latte and Irish Velvet Cream Hot Chocolate this year. It tastes exactly like the real thing but more socially acceptable to have at lunchtime.

They haven’t revealed the food menu or the festive cups just yet, but fans are already happy.

Costa aren’t giving any hints as to whether more festive drinks will be released, as fans are hoping for the return of peppermint, orange and toasted marshmallow flavours.

Are you excited?

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