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Fidelity Or Fudelity And A Detailed Look At Jeff Bezos And The "Bust Out" Theory


Fidelity or fudelity and a detailed look at Jeff Bezos and the "bust out" theory, here is a detailed answer. Put Fidelity under a microscope to show that even "trusted brokers" aren't your friends and that you should be careful about where you store your shares based on which brokers offer share lending programs.

Does fidelity loan my shares? What is Jeff Bezos' "Bust Out theory"? is the question you should be asking yourself. So, here is what you need to know about fidelity or fudelity and a detailed look at Jeff Bezos and the "bust out" theory.

I am aware that many people have contacted and spoken to their agents, who have stated that they "definitely do not loan your shares." However, if you looked closer, you would discover that the more you looked into Fidelity, the more Fidelity felt like Fidelity.

When reading news articles, it's simple to get the details demonstrating that Fidelity has been lending securities since 2019. The little guy who merely wanted to buy an ETF or individual investment and hold it for either growth or value reasons wasn't taken advantage of again until April 2021 when they RAMPED up lending.

When this lending first began, a corporation with 10–11 trillion AUM was collaborating with Goldman Sachs. Fidelity decided to expand their operations in this sector because they wanted a larger slice of the share lending pie being enjoyed by Black and Vanguard. The truly amusing part is that they have the guts to admit that "the shareholder is the biggest benefactor" of their involvement in this company.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/fidelity-or-fudelity-and-a-detailed-look-at-jeff-bezos-and-the-bust-out-theory/ by Xander Oddity on 2022-10-18T13:23:01.027Z

I believe Jeff Bezos may have attempted to "BUST OUT" AMC, GME, and other companies during the COVID "everything short" period.

The following thread from SS explains it much better than I can. My brain tends to go in a thousand directions, ADD style. I suppose you could call the link below pre-requisite reading.

It all starts with the bust-out theory. Read this to really understand the evolution of Bezos and his friends on the street and what they were doing to profit in the billions.

The fact that Jeff Bezos supported D Wave struck me as interesting. When I consider how in 2017, Dr. Evil used a D Wave computer to foresee who he may have burst out next and what would happen to the financial market with the COVID crash.

The Dark Truth About Jeff Bezos

He invested $30 million in D-Wave systems in 2012. D-Wave is now valued at $1.2 billion. He got help testing this and figuring out how to use it to shake up a stagnant market.

In 2021, KPMG and DWAVE collaborated to test the system's capacity to handle sizable portfolios. With its quantum computers, D Wave demonstrated that it could outperform conventional computation.

The sole drawback of these quantum computers is that they operate differently from conventional ones. Early iterations could only resolve specific categories of mathematical issues. These issues, referred to as optimization and sampling, had numerous business applications.

A Reddit user shared his experience of working at Amazon and discussed how it went, "I worked for Jeff at Amazon and left after about 90 days after they treated everyone at FCs. The system is setup to get sellers to pimp their products through Amazon so Amazon could steal all the data.

They’d use a model to see if they could offer an “Amazons Basics” version of the product. They already knew the consumer #s, spending habits, and how to make shipping the cheapest.

Very dirty they’d bust out their own sellers for profit but they did this on the regular you can’t see it most commonly with HDMI cables, some cheap electronics, and men and women’s clothing apparel."

Another Reddit user shared some interesting information, "Fidelity has an insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London in case the company ever were faced with a worst-case scenario. The total backstop of $1 billion.

This amount is for all customer claims, not per customer. There is also a limit of $1.9 million on cash per client. The Lloyd’s of London policy would only come into effect after all SIPC resources had been exhausted.

They are privately owned so if you have less than 1.9 million in your 401k you are insured. I just wouldn't trust them not to do share lending with shares in your IRA or use them for locates, etc".

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I hope the above information about fidelity or fudelity and a detailed look at Jeff Bezos and the "bust out" theory helps you understand this dark truth.

The second-largest supplier of retirement funds, Fidelity, might look at their records and throw up when they realize what they are really holding for their clients. What matters is that Fidelity is making every effort to apply the breaks and find a path out.

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