Filipino Basketball Team Suffers From Massive Graphic Design Fail

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News
Published 04.09.19

A Filipino university basketball team has become the latest group of people to suffer from some pretty bad graphic design choices…

Graphic designers are a funny bunch. I’ll admit that, having dabbled in the field myself, they are pretty overworked, but their attitudes are pretty off most of the time.

Their employer will say something like, “Oh I’d like that bit to be red” and then they’d have the audacity to make it not red and then complain when they get an email asking if they can try with it being red.

With that said though, they do often get some pretty weird requests that they’re more or less forced into obliging with. For me, I made a really nice poster for a local football school and was then asked to change the bullet points into little footballs. It looked awful, but I had to do it.

For whoever made this poster, they were clearly asked “Can we use the heads of the players as the O’s in the word ‘Count’?” and being tired and probably hungry, the designer just went “yeah f*ck it alright”.

It looks bad.

The Red Warriors basketball team for the RedWire University Athletic Association of the Philippines championship were the victims in all of this though, as they all had their heads emblazoned on posters that said “Make it c*nt”.

You need to see it to believe it…

make it cunt basketball

I’m going to be 100% honest here and admit that I don’t know an awful lot about the Philippines. I know the country is somewhere in Asia and I think it’s a collection of islands, but that’s just about it. I’m going to assume that Filipino is the first language, for obvious reasons, and that English is probably second.

With that in mind, as an adult, one of the first things you choose to learn from another language it how they swear, so I’m going out on a limb here and saying that the people of the Philippines have familiarised themselves with the word ‘c*nt’, with a U instead of an asterisk.

What were they thinking?!

On the plus side – for them, not us because it’s funny – they decided to change a few things around on the poster…

What’s weirdest for me is that Dodo Suerte’s name has changed to Rey Suerte…

Images via Red Warriors