The old cigarette butt, probably the most common form of litter you see nowadays, except for all the other litter like plastic bags and whatnot.

Anyway, it seems like French teenagers are sick and tired of stepping on discarded butts and are doing something about it.


The #FillTheBottle was launched by teenager Amel Talha. She was prompted after her friend collected cigarette butts in a water bottle and shared it on social media. She told the BBC:

“This is a big problem in France but also around the world”.

The friend in question is Jason Prince who shared a photo on twitter of his findings.

Thankfully, his small efforts were not in vain as another friend, Christian Musitu Swamu retweeted the image saying: “It isn’t much, but if everybody dit it, that would be something cool”.

Would everyone be up to go rooting through old cigarette butts? I don’t know. Normally most people see the little blighters, sigh, then say something like “disgusting habit” and jog on.

Regardless, Christian’s retweet prompted Amil to coin the hashtag #FillTheBottle.


This has inspired people to fill up their empty bottles with water. I imagine a good place to start would be outside Parliament. You know what they’re like these MPs.

Amil has now spoken out, saying she is in communication with a company called MeGo that disposes of the butts, recycles them and turns them into…ashtrays…There’s a certain irony in using the discarded pollutants and turning them into a place where said pollutants would be placed. I feel it would be better if they were recycled into something more useful like zip ties (always handy). On a more serious note it is pleasing to see that there is hope and that they can be recycled.

Cigarette butts are a problem not only because a butt-tonne (sorry couldn’t resist) of people smoke but also because there’s all sorts of bits and bobs inside the carcinogenic capsule. The main issues are the filters.


According to the BBC, “(filters) are made of a cellulose acetate, a synthetic product that is commercially derived from wood pulp. It has also been used to make magnetic tape, frames for glasses, and even original Lego toy bricks”.

In summary, cigarette butts are litter and should be treated the same way as any other disposable item and be, you know, disposed of.