Filming For ‘Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Has Started

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 13.06.19
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God this has been a saga and a half.

Umbrella Academy, adapted from from Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s hugely popular comic book series of the same name, was a somewhat surprising hit on Netflix.

First David Castañeda – the guy who plays Diego – said that the next season was going to be absolutely insane, stating:

One of the best things about the show is how the characters arc, and it takes time to see people grow out of the traumas that they have.

I’d like to see where Diego goes. He’s able to cope with a lot more things, but now he lost his mum, he lost Patch. He could either go completely insane off of it or he might just be a kid.”

But then Aidan Gallagher – who plays Number Five – had a go at people for thinking that meant a second season, and went as far as to post a pretty cryptic tweet, making it feel like he’d left his character in the past.

Thank you for the role of a lifetime! I will always look back and say wow that was the coolest role I ever played!” he wrote. Hmmm.

But then he had a go at us for thinking that. All in all, confusing.

But then this happened! The official Twitter account for The Umbrella Academy tweeted “Hello. Season 2. Good bye”

It’s been really hard to keep up, but now production has actually started, as confirmed by Aidan Gallagher, who plays Number Five, on his Instagram.

With Robert Sheehan (Number Four) in the GIF, the actor wrote:

Season Two starts now.

Good news, obviously, and the comments reflect this…

The series is likely to be ready some time mid-to-late next year. We’ll keep you posted.

Images via Netflix

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