Fireman Sam has been axed by Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue because he’s male. Yep, you really did read that correctly.

Gone are the days when people could actually enjoy a TV programme because now we live in an era of being “woke” 24/7,  which our beloved cartoons aren’t even safe from.

First it was Friends, because for some reason that offends people.

‘Ross is so problematic and we need to talk about it’.


Bore off.


And now people are targeting Fireman Sam (which I used to love watching when I was a child so I’m pretty p*ssed) because (shock horror) he’s a male character who has the job of being a fireman.


A man in a job – how dare they?!

Why was Fireman Sam axed?

The fire department of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue have been receiving many a negative comment about their mascot – Fireman Sam. According to the people of Lincolnshire, Sam isn’t ‘inclusive’ enough, which has now led to the fire department using new mascots.

The new mascots are now blue, red and yellow fire extinguishers which are named Freddy, Filbert and Penelope. Presumably their first job will  be extinguishing this absolute PR disaster.



Look how crap they look as well.

And who’s that jerk in the middle?

I’m furious.


This news was raised this morning on Good Morning Britain where Piers Morgan unsurprisingly expressed his opinion on the matter. He said that it’s bloody ridiculous to get rid of a mascot when there are plenty of diverse people who are in the fire service(s) and I for one agree.

What was said about Fireman Sam?

Les Britzman, the service’s Chief Fire Officer, told Good Morning Britain he was trying to increase female recruitment to the service.

He said:


“Firefighters nationally and residents locally have raised some concerns that ‘Fireman Sam’ doesn’t reflect the fire service today, in terms of both the job itself and our workforce.”

“It’s important to us that our open days and community events don’t make anyone feel excluded and therefore we took this decision.”

He then told Piers Morgan, who called for him to resign: “It’s not hypocrisy. Yes I’m a white man, across FRS there’s about 95 per cent white males. Me being a white male does not reflect our society, roughly half our society is female.”


He continued: “Yes Fireman Sam is modern it has firefighter Penny, it has helicopters and a boat team. But why can’t the producers or the owners update the brand and call it Firefighter Sam?

“The programme overall reflects the diversity but the character Fireman Sam doesn’t reflect diversity, we don’t call our firefighters firemen any more. It’s outdated. 


“Lincolnshire is a very modern and progressive brigade, we have two thirds of our firefighters “on call”, that means they come from their local community. 

“We struggle massively to recruit on call firefighters, and women are not wanting to join they’re not applying. So in terms of keeping the public safe we’re struggling because women aren’t wanting to join.”

The debate kept going back and forth (what else do you expect from Piers Morgan?) with Britzman adding:

“The image portrayed to young girls, who are three, four or five years old, if we are sending the wrong message at that age, we’re making a problem in terms of recruitment [later on]”



Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for empowering young girls and women because, well I’m a woman and I believe in equality and all that jazz, but there just comes a point where you have to think…what the f*ck are we doing?

Has society really come to the point where a cartoon – WHICH HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE 1987 – can’t be used as a mascot in a workplace anymore?

Also, how much are we going to take away from the male species before they feel completely useless? Yes, women can do what men can do. Yes, we should get equal pay. Yes, we should have equal rights. But Jesus, stop getting offended by TV shows which are older than most of you who are complaining. Better yet, just stop getting offended.


This isn’t even the first time Fireman Sam has come under fire (pun pun), as the cartoon also received criticism in March alongside the popular show Peppa Pig. Both the shows received backlash as they were ‘encouraging’ gender stereotypes.

Peppa Pig released an episode titled ‘The Fire Engine’ where the term ‘Firemen’ was used, rather than ‘Firefighter’. (* sigh *)

Honestly, the world has gone to sh*t and the rates for offending people are ridiculous.

Last thing. If anyone goes for my boy Postman Pat, I will find you.

Images from Youtube and ITV