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‘First Dates’ Viewers Baffled By This Weird Date And Practical Joke


First Datesviewers baffled by this weirddate and practical joke, with the episode aired in April 2019.

The show is a dating series that features real people who are looking for love, going on first dates in a restaurant that’s been specially set up for the show.

Cameras capture their interactions and conversations - and everything in between - as they get to know each other over dinner.

Each episode of First Datesfeatures a variety of single people from all walks of life who have been matched up by the show’s producers.

Find out how one particular episode made viewers both puzzled and thrilled.

FIrst Dates theme tune

‘First Dates’ TV Show

First Datesis a reality TV show that originated in the United Kingdom and has been on the air on Channel 4 since June 20, 2013.

The format of the show involves a restaurant filled with single people who are looking for love.

The premise of the show is simple: two strangers are set up on a blind date at a restaurant.

Each episode typically features several couples who are matched by a team of expert matchmakers based on their compatibility and interests.

The couples are then seated at a table in the restaurant and given the opportunity to get to know each other over dinner.

Throughout the meal, the couples engage in conversation and share personal stories, with the cameras capturing their reactions and interactions.

After the meal, the couples are given the option to either exchange phone numbers and continue dating or to end the date and go their separate ways.

First Dateshas been praised for its inclusivity and representation, as well as its ability to showcase what could go on in a date in an authentic and relatable way.

Such as the instance when First Datesviewers baffled by this weird date and practical joke.

It has also been successful in producing lasting relationships, with some couples from the show going on to get engaged or married.

The last episode (Episode 6) of Season 19 aired on August 25, 2022, excluding 28 “Specials,” with the last shown on February 14, 2023.

The executive producers of First Datesare Barnaby Coughlin, Adam Chapman, and Lucy Cartwright.

‘First Dates’ contestants Sameer and Will, both lean and sporting a long stubble, at the bar of a restaurant
‘First Dates’ contestants Sameer and Will, both lean and sporting a long stubble, at the bar of a restaurant

Interesting Facts About The Show

Here are some fun information about First Dates:

1. It’s shot in a real restaurant.

The name of the place is Paternoster Chop House (the U.K. version) in Old Bailey, London. The whole restaurant is closed to the public, however, during taping hours.

2. Daters pay for their food and drinks.

According to an article by KISS, one of Planet Radio’s radio stations in the U.K., each of the two contestants receive £25.00 (sort of like a food allowance) for their respective orders.

Then they will have to shoulder any excess or pay for other orders (e.g., desserts and cocktail drinks).

3. The show includes same-sexdaters.

The show features a diverse cast of daters, including people of different ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and backgrounds.

Many episodes showed Many episodes showed LGBTQ people going out on a date, such as in that episode where First Datesviewers baffled by this weird date and practical joke.

Some of the daters have interesting stories or unique hobbies that add an extra layer of intrigue to their dates.

4. A popular TV company is behind it.

The show’s production company is Twenty Twenty Productions, which is part of the Warner Bros. Television Production UK group.

Warner Bros. Television is responsible for dozens of top-rating series, such as:

  • The Flash(2014-2023)
  • Supernatural(2005-2020)
  • The Big Bang Theory(2007-2019)
  • Two and a Half Men(2003-2015)
  • Friends(1994-2004)

5. There were thousands upon thousands of applicants!

Daily Mail reported that in 2015 alone, in only a matter of 48 hours, there were already 1,500 applicants.

As of 2016, First Dates(U.K. show) had approximately 40,000 applicants in their database.

African American daters Angela and Shawn checking out the menu at MK restaurant in ‘First Dates USA’
African American daters Angela and Shawn checking out the menu at MK restaurant in ‘First Dates USA’

Spin-Offs Of ‘First Dates’

First Datesspawned several spin-offs, including First Dates Hotel.

The show has also been adapted into various international versions in countries such as Canada, Ireland, and Spain.

By the way, these spin-offs all had charming daters.

Still, nothing could be more fascinating than when First Datesviewers baffled by this weird date and practical joke in an episode from the U.K. show.

‘First Dates Australia’

This popular Australian reality TV show premiered on the Seven Network on February 3, 2016.

First Dates Australialasted for five seasons, with the last season (12 episodes) aired on May 18, 2022 on Network Ten.

Seasons 1-4 were aired on Seven Network. Network Ten broadcast all Season 5 episodes.

‘First Dates USA’

Aired on NBC, the American spin-off lasted for only one season (eight episodes).

TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres was an executive producer, with actress Drew Barrymore as the show’s narrator.

Another producer of First Dates USAwas Jeff Kleeman, the president of A Very Good Production, a company owned by DeGeneres.

The dating show was shot at MK (founded and co-owned by chef and restaurateur Michael Kornick), an upscale Chicago restaurant that’s already closed.

‘First Dates Hotel’

This British reality television series also aired on Channel 4 in the U.K.

The show follows a similar format to the original series First Dates, but instead of taking place in a restaurant, it is set in a luxury hotel in southern Italy.

The First Dates Hotelteam matches the participants based on their preferences, and they meet for the first time at the hotel’s restaurant.

The show follows the couples on their dates, which can include everything from romantic boat trips to cooking classes.

After their date, the couples can choose to spend the night in the hotel’s rooms or go their separate ways.

It first aired on January 2, 2017, lasting for seven seasons (last episode: October 11, 2022), excluding two special episodes.

Separate interviews with ‘First Dates’ contestants with raven-haired Georgia and the blonde Georga
Separate interviews with ‘First Dates’ contestants with raven-haired Georgia and the blonde Georga

‘First Dates’ Georgia

On April 16, 2019, the 12th season of First Dates(U.K. version) debuted with an unforgettable first episode.

In fact, it made First Datesviewers baffled by this weird date and practical joke.

Three things that made it odd for most viewers, per Reality Tidbit:

First:Daters almost have similar names.

For this same-sex date, it was between the raven-haired Georgia Defreitas and the blonde Georga Knight. At the time of the filming, the former was 20; the latter, 21.

Georgia’s a beautician from Canvey Island, a town in England. Georga, a former football coach for the club St Albans City F.C., works as a personal trainer.

Second:They’re familiar with each other.

Georga’s niece - the daughter of her older sister, who’s 40 at the time the episode was aired - and Georgia used to date before!

Third:A joke to the tune of £100,000.

Georga gave Georgia a scratch card. Georgia scratched it and thought she won £100,000, but Georga later revealed that the card was fake.

No wonder First Datesviewers baffled by this weird date and practical joke!

Nevertheless, things ended up well. As Georgia said and quoted by Hello! magazine:

Me and @geoknight remain really good friends and are both so happy with how the show went.- Georgia Defreitas

Will Love Blossom Despite Family History? | First Dates

People Ask

Is The Show ‘First Dates’ Scripted?

It is widely believed that the TV show is not scripted in the traditional sense.

Instead, the production team carefully selects and matches individuals for their dates based on their personalities, interests, and compatibility.

While some scenes may be edited for time or clarity, the conversations between the daters are generally unscripted. The participants are free to express themselves naturally.

Did Anyone On ‘First Dates’ Get Married?

Yes, some contestants from the TV show First Dateshave gotten married, although it’s not a common occurrence.

Two of those dates from the U.K. show were Mike Sumner and Zoe Welch (March 2020 episode), who got married on September 17, 2022.

Based on a Daily Star article published on July 21, 2022, couples who found love on the show and eventually got married or engaged include:

  • Elan Cohen and Cindy Thompson (U.K. show - Series 10, Episode 6 wedding: September 26, 2021)
  • Julien and Vanessa (First Dates Hotel- 2018; marriage: August 2021)
  • Ajai Kalia and Hema (U.K. show - 2016; wedding: September 14, 2019)
  • Aarron Stewart and Ibiba Mudada (U.K. show - Series 7, Episode 11, October 2016; marriage: 2018)
  • Greig Fairweather and Shaun Smith (U.K. show - Series 8; engagement: November/December 2017; already married)

Is Anyone Still Together From ‘First Dates?’

Per London-based newssite The Tab, these four First DatesU.K. contestants have not yet tied the knot but are living together (article published on April 20, 2021):

  • Phil Lyons and Sarah Dransfield
  • David “Dave” Watkins and Sara Blonstein

As for Charlie Watson and Laura from Series 6, they are still dating.

Final Thoughts

The episode where First Datesviewers baffled by this weird date and practical joke only contributed to the show’s popularity.

First Dateshas been praised mainly for two things:

  • for its sensitive and respectful treatment of its participants
  • for providing a heartwarming and entertaining look at the highs and lows of dating

It has also helped many people find love and companionship.

Overall, First Datesis a popular and well-received dating show that offers a glimpse into the world of modern romance.

The time when First Datesviewers baffled by this weird date and practical joke was just truly a one-of-kind moment.

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