First Footage From ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Season 14 Brings Back Memories Of A Classic Episode

Sarah O NeillSarah O Neill in Entertainment, TV
Published 08.09.19

First Footage From ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Season 14 Brings Back Memories Of Classic Episode

Lots of hilarious things happened throughout the original ‘Gang Dines Out’ episode, with none being more memorable than the image of Charlie and Mac staring at each other across the entire restaurant.

You know it: the one that gave you the recollection of catching the eye of a friend or acquaintance in a place you never expected to see them, and the ensuing stalemate of who’ll buckle first and say hello. Maybe that’s just the social anxiety talking, or maybe it’s because it’s one of the most iconic moments in a sea of iconic moments in this particular It’s Always Sunny episode, with waves of competitive insults culminating in the gang reuniting to laugh at a poor waiter’s misfortunes. It’s a classic.

And it’s coming back. The It’s Always Sunny universe has always been self-referential, with the gang repeating all their horrible mistakes again and again, causing others to have to devolve and suffer in their wake (poor, poor Cricket). This is no clearer than in the recent all-female remake of “The Gang Beats Boggs“, showing not only the gang’s (specifically Dee’s) inability to grow, but their miraculous ability to regress, and force others into this regression too. It’s an endless cycle of suffering, and it’s hilarious.


Rob Mcelhenny recently posted the quintessential Sunny cold open intro for the episode, announcing he was back in the editing room after the show’s hiatus, with the clip pretty much summarising the gang’s whole relationship – Frank nearly chokes to death while the others look on with nothing more than mild curiosity. It’s pretty great.

And get this – the new trailer has dropped too!

Check it out:

When is the new season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia out?

The rest of season 14 is set to follow the undeniably solid It’s Always Sunny approach to tough topics, going head-first into fields such as global warming, dating, and laser tag. Premiering in the US on the 25th of September, it’s been confirmed that all the five core stars are back, as well as a cameo from 80’s action star Dolph Lundgren. Unfortunately, however, the show still does not have a day-and-date broadcaster in the UK.

What can we expect in the new series of It’s Always Sunny?

A promising episode will involve the gang renting out their flats with Air BnB in order to find love, which is one of two episodes directed by Glenn Howerton. Just like ‘The Gang Dine Out’ and ‘The Gang Squash Their Beefs’, all the best episodes seem to come from Mac, Charlie, Frank, Dennis and Dee attempting to interact like normal human beings with normal human beings, and how quickly this turns into chaos.

The gang will also revisit a host of other iconic Sunny events, such as Thundergun Express, offering another reward for the long-term viewer of the series. So seeing this iconic episode rehashed and renewed promises another interesting, horrible, and deeply traumatic restaurant trip that we are keeping our eyes peeled for. And with a possible season 15 and 16 on the horizon – if the creative team are up for it – we might even get more disastrous trips to Guigino’s Italian Restaurant in the near future.

Just please say a prayer for that poor waiter.