First Full Trailer For ‘His Dark Materials’ Looks Absolutely Incredible

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, TV
Published 19.07.19
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The His Dark Materials trailer had dropped and it’s what we always wanted from a The Northern Lights adaptation.

You’ll remember in 2007 when The Golden Compass came out. Film studios were all scrapping to find a YA novel series that they could turn into the next Harry Potter, even though Harry Potter was still going strong.

Many tried and failed, like Alex Rider, Eragon and some more that I can vaguely remember having a shiny book cover, but things looked brighter when the trailers for The Golden Compass, adapted from Philip Pullman’s The Northen Lights, were released.

The cast was outstanding, with the likes of Ian McKellen, Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman fronting it and the CGI was jaw-dropping for its time.

Then it came out and yeah, it was pretty sh*t. I’m sorry but none of the kids could act, the dialog was clunky, they barely used the coolest character (Daniel Craig) and pretty much nothing happened.

With that said, the polar bear fight was incredible…

Sadly not enough to make a dull film worth watching though.

Well all of that looks like it’s going to change, since the BBC have dropped their trailer for His Dark Materials, the TV adaptation of the Philip Pullman works.

Starring Dafne Keen, James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson, Ian Peck, Omid Djalili, Lin-Manuel Miranda and more, His Dark Materials sees “two children embark on a magical adventure through parallel universes.” Each person is accompanied by a Daemon – a physical embodiment of their soul manifested in the form of an animal, and a nefarious group are looking to steal said Daemons off children…

golden compass his dark materials

A long-form TV show definitely works better for the source material and this darker tone, set in an alternate universe Victorian-esque Britain is simply sumptuous.

I was a huge fan of the old cast, barring the kids, so it’s a shame to lose Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman and Ian McKellen, but in their places are James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson and I can’t actually find who voices Iorek Byrnison the bear… the former two are by no means a downgrade though.

Have a watch of the trailer…

It does look pretty great and it’s starring Dafne Keen as Lyra, who we know can act phenomenally from Logan.

I’m not sure on the design of Marisa’s daemon though. Weird mouth and nose.

his dark materials trailer

And I’m going to miss this impossibly cool chap…

daniel craig the golden compass

Airing on the BBC in the UK and HBO in the US, His Dark Materials is due to come out later this year. It seems like a Christmas kind of vibe, so I wouldn’t clear your evening plans just yet.

Hopefully by then the BBC start airing things in UHD. That would be cool.

Images via BBC, New Line Cinema