First Full Trailer For ‘The Act’ Shows A Disturbing And Fatal Mother-Daughter Relationship

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, TV
Published 05.03.19
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If you’re unfamiliar with the tragic and toxic relationship between Gypsy Blanchard and her mother Dee Dee Blanchard, then now’s as good a time as any to get to grips with it.

Some may know it from the HBO documentary Mommy Dead & Dearest, but now the true crime story is being brought to life by Hulu in a new anthology series called The Act.

The fascinating yet deeply disturbing story follows Gypsy Rose, who was wheelchair-bound, taking countless medications and believed to be terminally ill. The extent of her illnesses continued to baffle doctors though, with it ultimately being revealed that it was her mother, Dee Dee, who orchestrated her sicknesses and growth stunts.

This was due to Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a disease whereby a parent or any other form of carer makes up an illness for the person they’re taking care of for sympathy or financial gain.

In order to escape her mother’s control and abuse, Gypsy Rose plotted Blanchard’s murder, with the help of her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn, in their Missouri home, per The New York Post.

As I say, it’s a twisted and deeply unsettling tale, which is about to be brought to life by Joey King and Patricia Arquette. Check out the new full length trailer below:

King looks unrecognisable as the helpless Gypsy, while Arquette really looks the menace Dee Dee supposedly was.

I feel like I need a shower after watching that.

King previously spoke about the story to the Young Hollywood issue of Teen Vogue, commenting:

“The story is so messed up and there are so many layers, and it’s so, so heavy.

“I never want it to feel like we’re making fun of the story or we’re doing anything to romanticize it. It’s nitty-gritty; it’s really disturbing… And I’m really hyperaware of just trying to dive into Gypsy’s role as much as I can. I feel really proud of the work I’m doing.” 

The first two episodes of The Act premiere Wednesday, March 20th on Hulu, with the 6 subsequent episodes streaming weekly.

Simply unmissable.

Images via Hulu/YouTube