First Look At Tonight’s Episode As Maura And Molly Mae Compete For Tommy’s Affections

AvatarRebekka Arnold
Published 14.06.19
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The arrival of two new girls has continued to rock the villa in the latter part of this week, and it doesn’t seem like one particular newbie is about to fade into the background anytime soon.

Irish beauty Maura continues to pursue Tommy Fury, as Molly Mae tries to claw back her man – care to settle this with a boxing match ladies?

In the first look the boys can be seen going on a spa day, which leaves the unsettled female islanders alone in the villa to have some girl on girl bonding time, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to be braiding each other’s hair too soon…

The fight for Fury continues…

Amber confronts Maura about her approach with Tommy and her handling of the situation with Molly Mae. She quickly interrupts Maura by questioning her saying “Do you think that maybe you should have pulled Molly-Mae aside?”

Maura vents her frustration in the beach hut after her conflict with Amber, by saying; “I don’t need to ask Molly-Mae’s permission to crack on with Tommy Fury. Is she joking?”

Later in the episode we see Molly Mae and Tommy finally get a chance to sit down and talk about the events of the night before. Reflecting on the time spent together Tommy says;

“I do apologise. It was a stupid thing to not pull you straight away after I’ve been coupled up with you for six days. Terrible move. I just don’t get why you didn’t lock it off. You were keeping your options open.”

Best friends for never?

Elsewhere, the female islander fall out continues as Lucie and Amy lock horns. Essex girl, Elma, confesses to Lucie that Amy has been talking about her not spending enough time with the group. Lucie speaks to other female islanders to get their opinions on the situation, in which they confess that they would like to spend more time with her too.

Amy and Lucie finally come together to try to squash the situation, but in the first look we can see it gets slightly heated and the tears start flowing. Amy lets rip about how she truly feels about the situation, which Lucie finds frustrating.

The surfer gets upset, which leads to Amy comforting her by saying, “I’m upset that you’re upset.”

Amy adds “I just feel like you needed me then and you don’t need me much now, so I’ve been cast aside. We can’t have an issue between us.”

Check it out!

Can the pair resolve their issues and go back to being BFF’s? Will Molly Mae be able to take Tommy back from Maura’s clutches? Tune in at 9pm on ITV2.

Images via ITV

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