First Look Trailer Reveals Anton Landing Himself In Hot Water By Eyeing Up Another Woman!

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Published 12.07.19

The dust seems to have settled on the villa after last night’s re-coupling that saw Marvin get the boot from the villa. In a bold decision, Francesca chose Curtis despite the fact the dancer has been getting close to Maura. Now, we know where Maura is concerned, fireworks are going to go off, so what are we in store for tonight?

We can’t believe we’re over half way through this year’s Love Island!? We have reached one of the best traditions of Love Island series’ past and present, when islanders are sent off to do a food shop and prepare a meal. Tonight we will see Jordan, Anton and Tommy take on the tradition, and Anton seems to forget that he’s coupled up with Belle…

In the first look, Jordan gets a text that reads;

“Tonight the boys will be cooking dinner for the girls. But first Jordan, Tommy and Anton, it’s time to go shopping to buy the ingredients.”

The boys head off to the shops to get ingredients for their meal, when Anton’s wandering eye strikes again! We saw Anton freshen his breath whilst sat next to his partner, Belle, and tonight we will see his wandering eye land him in hot water again. As the boys pay for their shopping, Anton slips the shop assistant his number.

Later during the dinner, Anna and Molly Mae share the news of Anton giving out his number across their tables.

Will Belle find out about Anton’s interest in the shop assistant?

Maura makes her moves on Curtis….

Curtis checks in with Maura to see how she is feeling after the re-coupling. He reassures her that he is still very much interested in her on a romantic level.

Curtis raises his glass to toast Maura and says;  “Cheers.”

Maura responds; “To what? Sneaking out on the day bed tonight, when everyone’s gone to sleep?”

The ring girl adds;

 “She’s [Francesca] never going to make you laugh the way I do.”

In the morning, Molly Mae confronts Curtis about his love triangle with Maura and Francesca.

The blonde babe asks Curtis if he got close to Francesca in bed last night and he replies;

“I’m not going to do that, i’m getting to know two girls and I want to be respectful!”

The first look then cuts away to Curtis straddled on top of Maura giving her a back massage whilst Francesca watches on from the swing. She says to Joanna;

“I just think, a bit of respect. I did say get to know her, but like, you’re *really* getting to know her now!”

Who will Curtis choose out of the Maura and Francesca? Catch Love Island at 9pm for all the action.

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