First Trailer For Thriller ‘Midsommar’ Is An Absolute Festival Of Fear

Much-acclaimed horror flick Hereditary was met with rapturous applause (and some faints) when it arrived last year, with critics lauding it as “scary as f*ck” if my memory serves me correctly.

I watched it. It wasn’t that scary. In fact, it was actually kind of naff. But as is customary with these things everyone jumped on the bandwagon to tell us how impossibly horrifying it was.

To be honest, the scariest thing I’ve seen in recent years is the Fyre Festival documentary. I almost had to watch that from behind my cushion.

Still, Hereditary filmmaker Ari Aster is back with his breakout’s follow-up, a slice of “Scandinavian folk horror” called Midsommar. 

The films follows a couple’s, Dani (Florence Pugh) and Christian (Jack Reynor), vacation to a Swedish village that takes a sinister turn when the native townspeople invite them into a series of rituals.

“Christian says you’ve got some special thing planned”, Dani asks.

“Yeah, it’s like a crazy nine-day festival,” the friend explains. “It only happens every 90 years.”

Cue: really scary trailer!

Nope. Nah uh.

Why the hell is Sweden always billed as this peaceful, Utopian society, when clearly this is the reality. I was even planning to go there this summer – they didn’t mention this kind sh*t in Lonely Planet.

On a side note, though, it’s interesting to see Will Poulter, who you may recognize from Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, in the film.

I enjoy him.

First Trailer For Thriller 'Midsommar' Is An Absolute Festival Of Fear

Apparently, Aster has said that Midsommar will be his last horror movie “for a long time,” so let’s see if he manages to go out with a bang when it drops on August 9th.

Images via A24/YouTube