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Fisherman On Kayak Attacked By Tiger Shark After Hearing Whooshing Noise


For many fishermen, there's always a story of the one that got away. However, in the case of Scott Haraguchi, he is thankful that this particular catch managed to escape. Haraguchi recently experienced a heart-stopping incident while the fisherman on kayak attacked by tiger shark when he was on an adventure off the coast of Kualoa in Windward Oahu. Little did he know that his trusty GoPro, accidentally left on after catching a fish, would capture the dramatic turn of events that followed.

Fisherman On Kayak Attacked By Tiger Shark Caught On GoPro

As Haraguchi focused on his fishing, he suddenly heard a peculiar sound that resembled the whooshing noise of a boat approaching, albeit without the accompanying motor. Curiosity compelled him to look up, and to his astonishment, he spotted a large brown object swiftly heading towards him.


My brain thought it was a turtle, but then I got slammed by it and realized that it was a tiger shark.

- Scott Haraguchi

In a stroke of adrenaline-fueled instinct, Haraguchi managed to kick the shark away from his kayak and resume his fishing activities. However, it was only when he returned home and reviewed the footage captured by his GoPro that he fully grasped the gravity of the situation. Haraguchi's heart raced as he watched the encounter unfold, realizing how narrowly he had escaped a potentially catastrophic outcome.

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Huge tiger shark bites fisherman’s kayak off coast of Hawaii in wild video | New York Post

While Haraguchi remains uncertain about the reason behind the shark's attack, he noticed a wounded seal shortly after the incident. This observation led him to speculate that the shark may have mistaken his kayak for wounded prey, triggering the aggression.

As news of the encounter spread, concerns heightened, especially when another shark sighting occurred just a day later. Officials at Marine Corps Base Hawaii responded promptly by closing North Beach and displaying warning signs (source).

Reflecting on the recent spate of shark sightings, Haraguchi now approaches his fishing expeditions with increased caution. He has made a personal commitment to always bring a partner along for safety and reassurance.


I realize that life is short, time is short on Earth, so make the most of it.

- Scott Haraguchi

The encounter with the tiger shark served as a powerful reminder of the unpredictable nature of the ocean and the importance of respecting its inhabitants. Haraguchi's experience serves as a cautionary tale for fellow fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts, urging them to prioritize safety and preparedness when venturing into the waters.

While it may be impossible to completely eliminate the inherent risks, staying vigilant and informed can go a long way in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

As the community grapples with the recent shark sightings, authorities continue to monitor the situation closely, implementing measures to safeguard beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts.

Vigilance, cooperation, and respect for marine life remain paramount as locals and visitors alike navigate the beautiful yet unpredictable waters surrounding Hawaii's pristine coastline.

Heightened Awareness Of Shark Activity In Hawaii's Coastal Waters

The recent encounter between Scott Haraguchi and a tiger shark off the coast of Hawaii has sparked a wave of concerns and increased awareness regarding shark activity in the region's coastal waters. The incident serves as a vivid reminder of the unpredictable nature of the ocean and the potential risks faced by swimmers, surfers, and fishermen alike.

Hawaii, renowned for its stunning beaches and vibrant marine life, has long been a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. However, the presence of sharks in these waters is not uncommon, as they play an integral role in the delicate marine ecosystem.

With a diverse range of shark species inhabiting the surrounding Pacific Ocean, including tiger sharks, bull sharks, and hammerhead sharks, encounters can occur, albeit infrequently.

Search for missing woman ends after shark attack in Maui

The recent series of shark sightings has raised concerns among local communities and authorities. Instances like Haraguchi's close call highlight the need for increased vigilance and safety measures to mitigate the risks associated with sharing the ocean with these powerful predators.

In response to the rising concerns, local authorities have taken proactive steps to ensure public safety. Marine Corps Base Hawaii swiftly closed North Beach after a 20-foot shark sighting, demonstrating a commitment to protecting beachgoers from potential harm. Furthermore, warning signs have been posted, emphasizing the importance of remaining alert and informed while enjoying Hawaii's coastal waters.

Education and awareness campaigns are being conducted to provide valuable information to residents and visitors alike. These initiatives aim to promote a better understanding of shark behavior, their ecological significance, and appropriate safety measures.

By fostering a culture of respect and knowledge, it is hoped that individuals will be better equipped to make informed decisions and respond effectively in the event of a shark encounter.

It is crucial to remember that sharks are vital to the health of the marine ecosystem. They help maintain balance by controlling the population of prey species and eliminating weak or sick individuals. By respecting their habitat and adhering to recommended safety guidelines, it is possible to coexist with these magnificent creatures.

For those venturing into the waters, there are several precautions to consider. It is advisable to avoid swimming alone, particularly in remote or unguarded areas.

Additionally, refraining from swimming during dawn or dusk, when sharks are most active, can reduce the risk of encountering them. Remaining within designated swimming areas and heeding any advisories or warnings issued by local authorities is also crucial.

By promoting responsible tourism and fostering a sense of shared responsibility, Hawaii can continue to offer its residents and visitors incredible opportunities to engage with the natural wonders of the ocean while prioritizing safety.

With heightened awareness, education, and collaborative efforts, it is possible to strike a harmonious balance between human recreation and the preservation of Hawaii's unique marine environment.

People Also Ask

It is advisable for kayakers and fishermen in areas with shark activity to follow these safety measures:

  • Avoid wearing shiny or reflective objects that may attract sharks.
  • Stay in groups and avoid going alone, as sharks are less likely to approach larger groups of people.
  • Avoid areas where seals or sea lions are present, as they are natural prey for sharks.
  • Be cautious during dawn and dusk when sharks are more active.
  • Familiarize yourself with local shark warning systems and adhere to any advisories or closures.

What Are Some Signs That May Indicate The Presence Of Sharks In The Water?

Some signs that may indicate the presence of sharks in the water include:

  • Unusual fish behavior, such as sudden school dispersal or fish leaping out of the water.
  • Presence of seals or sea lions, as they are prey for sharks.
  • Birds diving or hovering above the water surface.
  • Dark patches or shadows in the water.
  • Fins or tails breaking the water's surface.

Are Shark Attacks On Kayakers Common?

Shark attacks on kayakers are relatively rare. While there have been instances of sharks interacting with kayaks, attacks resulting in injury are uncommon. However, it is important to remain vigilant and take appropriate safety measures when kayaking in areas known for shark activity.

Do Certain Colors Attract Sharks More Than Others?

There is no definitive evidence to suggest that specific colors attract sharks more than others. Sharks are primarily attracted to the silhouette, vibrations, and scent of their potential prey. However, it is generally recommended to avoid wearing bright or contrasting colors that may draw unnecessary attention while in the water.

How Can Communities And Authorities Work Together To Minimize The Risks Associated With Shark Encounters?

Communities and authorities can collaborate to minimize the risks associated with shark encounters by:

  • Implementing and maintaining effective shark warning systems, including signage and beach closures when necessary.
  • Conducting educational campaigns to raise awareness about shark behavior, safety measures, and responsible practices.
  • Encouraging reporting of shark sightings to relevant authorities for timely dissemination of information.
  • Supporting scientific research and conservation efforts to better understand shark behavior and mitigate potential risks.
  • Promoting a culture of respect for the ocean and its inhabitants, emphasizing the importance of coexisting with marine wildlife in a sustainable manner.


In conclusion, the recent incident of a fisherman on kayak attacked by tiger shark off the coast of Hawaii highlights the need for increased awareness and precautions regarding shark activity in the area's coastal waters. By prioritizing safety, respecting the marine ecosystem, and remaining informed, we can foster a harmonious coexistence with these magnificent creatures while enjoying the natural wonders of Hawaii's ocean.

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