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What Is The Foggiest Place In America?


The foggiest place in Americais fittingly called Cape Disappointment. Cape Disappointment, which lies at the farthest southwest corner of Washington State, experiences persistent fog for almost three and a half months every year.

Cape Disappointment, Washington

Cape Disappointment is one of the most stunning Washington State attractions and a must-see if you're vacationing on the Washington coast, despite the dubious distinction of being the foggiest place in America.

Good luck attempting to find Cape Disappointment State Park and Cape Disappointment Lighthouse with all that gloom!

The famous Lewis and Clark expedition traveled from 1804 to 1806. They first reached the Pacific Ocean at Cape Disappointment, which is three hours south of Seattle.

British fur trader John Muir gave Cape Disappointment its name a few years earlier after he failed to find the Columbia River's entry during a winter storm in 1788.

It features breathtaking landscapes, including two lighthouses, magnificent cliffs, and meadows brimming with native vegetation. In addition, there are historical military fortifications, a general store, and a visitor center.

Best Places To Visit

If you are visiting Cape Disappointment, you must consider going to these places.

Discover The Alluring Dead Man's Cove

The walk to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse passes along the picturesque Dead Man's Cove. Many dead from shipwrecks have washed ashore in this gorgeous harbor, giving it a somber past.

The United States Coast Guard has forbidden direct access to this cove since 2020, although you can still see it from the route above. Tourists used to have to scramble down some very steep parts of a rocky path to get to the cove. This was thought to be too dangerous, so signs now tell people to stay away from the shore.

A beautiful view of Dead Man's Cove, Cape Disappointment
A beautiful view of Dead Man's Cove, Cape Disappointment

Visit Waikiki Beach For The Day

Waikiki Beach at Cape Disappointment is also close to the North Jetty. Visitors love to hang out and sunbathe at this beach, which is very popular with tourists.

It is not advised to swim in the waters because they are perishingly cold, have dangerous currents, and lack lifeguards, unlike their namesake in Hawaii.

Aerial view of Waikiki Beach, Cape Disappointment
Aerial view of Waikiki Beach, Cape Disappointment

Take A Walk Through Beards Hollow

At Cape Disappointment, there is another beautiful beach called Beards Hollow. Captain Beard's body washed ashore on these shores after his ship, the Vandalia, struck Cape Disappointment and sank while sailing from San Francisco in 1853, and as a result, Beards Hollows was named in honor of him.

A captivating view of Beards Hollow
A captivating view of Beards Hollow

People Also Ask

Where Is The Foggiest Place In America?

The foggiest place in America is in Cape Disappointment, Washington.

What Place Has The Most Fog In The World?

The Grand Banks region of the Atlantic Ocean, which is located off the coast of Newfoundland, holds the title of the world's foggiest location. The region serves as the meeting point for the Gulf Stream, which is much warmer than the Labrador Current coming from the north.

What City Has The Worst Fog?

Grand Banks, Newfoundland has the worst fog.

What Is The Foggiest Place In France?

Mouthe is the foggiest place in France.


Cape Disappointment, cloudiest and foggiest place in America, is situated in the southwest corner of the state of Washington. Over 2,552 hours, or roughly 106 foggy days, of fog are recorded at the Cape each year.

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