Football Player Filmed Kicking Chicken To Death Mid-Game

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Published 08.11.19

A Croatian footballer was given a red card after kicking a chicken to death in the middle of a semi-professional match in Sisak-Moslavina, the New York Post reports.

Ivan Gazdek became so sick of the farm-like conditions during a county second league fixture he went rogue and chased a group of hens.

Disturbing footage shows Gazdek responding to the interruption by chasing after the hens, before violently kicking one of them, which immediately leads to its death.


The footballer can then be seen picking up the dead animal and throwing it over the fence in two attempts, causing a fluttering of its feathers.

The referee immediately presented the NK Jelengrad footballer with a red card for “unsportsmanlike conduct”.

Speaking to 24 Sata, Gazdek defended his actions, claiming the animals create “unhygienic conditions” for players.


“Chickens constantly enter the field. The terrain is full of feces — these are unhygienic conditions,” Gazdek said.

“I ran a little to the chickens to chase them off, I swung my foot and killed one by accident. F— it. The referee ran up to me and showed me a direct red card.”

Check it out:

“Believe me, I did not intentionally kill this chicken. I apologized to the owner by letter and sent her a new chicken,” Gazdek said.


“Nobody thought about it after the game — we ate goulash and enjoyed ourselves.”

A pet owner himself, Gazdek asked for forgiveness from the wider football community, claiming he adores animals and meant no harm.

“I have a dog, two cats, and I also had a parrot, which recently sadly died,” Gazdek said.


Some serious fowl play at hand here.

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