For Those Not Self-Isolating Right Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Something To Say To You

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford
Published 19.03.20

“THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA”: For those not yet self-isolating right now, Arnold Schwarzenegger has something to say to you

As he relaxes in his jacuzzi, puffing on a cigar that’s probably pricier than my rent.


I get that he’s trying to emphasise that we can all have a swell time at home, but I can’t help but feel his aesthetic choices here are somewhat detached.

But hey, it’s ‘The Terminator’, so we listen.

(Photo by Aaron Rapoport/Corbis via Getty Images)

In his latest coronavirus safety video (minus the donkeys this time), the 72-year-old former Governor of California tells his 4.5 million Twitter followers that we should all be taking “social distancing” very seriously.

He adds that those that aren’t staying at home amid the coronavirus pandemic are not being “wise”.


He says:

“Hey, I’m at home and In the jacuzzi. I just finished a bike ride and a little bit of a workout, and just staying at home.

“You have to stay away from the crowds, away from the outside. The reason why I’m saying this is because, I’m still seeing photographs of people sitting in cafes all over the world.

“That is not wise. That is how you can get the virus – with contact from other people.

“Stay away from crowds. Stay away from restaurants. This is not a good idea.”


This is just one of several inspirational vids posted by The Terminator star during these trying times.

The Hollywood icon recently posted a bizarre video of himself sharing his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic while feeding his pet donkeys in his kitchen.



So yeah, follow Arnie if you want to live, I guess. 

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