It’s not Christmas until somebody cries, and Pixar’s new movie ‘Soul’ sounds like it’ll be the thing to do it.

It’s been a long time since you had to wait until Christmas Day to watch a new movie, as we’re all so used to going to the cinema in the weeks running up to the big day.

Thanks to COVID though, more films than ever before are skipping the cinema and coming straight to streaming services instead, and Pixar’s eagerly-awaited new release, Soul, is doing the same.

What’s even more exciting is that critics are saying that Soul is Pixar’s best movie yet. That’s high praise, given that this is the company who gave us Up, Monsters Inc, and Toy Story.

Soul tells the story of Joe Gardner, voiced by Jamie Foxx. He’s obsessed with jazz music, in fact, it’s all he can think and talk about –  it’s his life.

He’s working as a high school band teacher but he dreams of fame as a jazz musician. He finally gets news of his big break…. but *Spoiler Alert* falls into a manhole and dies.


Here’s the trailer:

So far, so emotional. That’s not the end for Joe though, as he finds his soul has been separated from his body. He makes a new friend, soul 22 (played by Tina Fey), and sets off on a mission to return to his body.

Reviewers are raving about it already, with The Independent saying Soul: “lives up to Pixar’s own impossibly high standards, but it represents the very best the studio has to offer: beauty, humour, heart, and a gut-punch of an existential crisis… The children will laugh and cheer; the adults will sob until their muscles ache.”

The Guardian said: “It’s all very headspinning, and there is real Yellow Submarine quality to the film’s innocent urgency and idealism which take it to the very brink of incoherence. That can sometimes be exasperating but also really captivating, especially in that final visual cadenza in which Docter and Powers are really are going above and beyond the traditional Hollywood ending. It’s a deeply sweet, happy, gentle film.”

They awarded it five stars, and Soul has even scored a hard-to-achieve score of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Soul arrives on Disney+ on Christmas day.

To be honest, we still haven’t recovered from Up, and this sounds like it’ll need the tissues too.

Images via Alamy