What Happened To Fortnite: What Is The Fortnite Black Hole Plus Leaked Info On Fortnite Season 2

Joseph FurnessJoseph Furness in Entertainment, Gaming
Published 14.10.19

There’s a black hole that’s appeared on Fortnite and here’s everything you need to know about it.

In today’s social climate, we’re encouraged to regularly check on our friends and family to make sure they’re OK. Like, really OK. Hence, I am writing this article to reach out to Epic Games (the creators of Fortnite) to see if they wanna’ talk about things since they seemingly shut themselves down by, quite literally, disappearing into a black hole.

For those casual players, or those who have never played the game (we’re not sure why you’re reading this but ok), Fortnite’s final season 10 event, famously dubbed ’The End’, just sucked everything we know and love about Fortnite into a black hole, leaving avid players with nothing left to do but talk and socialise with their families. Yuck.


It’s quite clever if you think about it: Epic Games know that, in an age that demands instant gratification, it’s crucial to switch things up by leaving fans wanting more. Back in 2017 (when the game was first released), Fortnite was all that anyone could talk about and since then, Epic Games have successfully maintained hype.

The ‘keep-them-waiting-because-you-know-they-want-it’ strategy works. Think: Kanye’s God is King album, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 or Rick and Morty Season 4.

Find out more about the Fortnite black hole and what’s next for Fortnite below:

What is the Fortnite Black Hole?

It’s common knowledge that, at the beginning of Season X, a meteor landed in the middle of the map which remained dormant for the duration of the season. Yesterday, players of the game could only access a team fight mode called ‘The End’ which involved a slew of rockets charging towards a meteor, which created a massive explosion of energy.


What happened after this can only be described as ‘madness’; rockets began to crack the sky sending characters floating up into space. Following this, the whole map was sucked-up into a black hole, which, since yesterday, is all that’s appeared on player’s screens.

Yep, just a repetitive feed that’s about as exciting as waiting for your console to update.


Is Fortnite over forever?

As a wise man once said, all good things come to an end. But that was probably said in a time before capitalism. So, don’t worry, Epic Studios isn’t about to give up their money-making machine any time soon – they’re just being dramatic AF.

Plus, we NEED to know what these random numbers appearing around the black hole mean.

When does Fortnite Season 11 start?

If hackers are to be believed, Fortnite will return for its brand new chapter tomorrow at 11am for UK players, which is 6am for those of you in the US. But it won’t be titled Season 11, it’ll be called Chapter 2: Season One. How exciting.


What will Fortnite Chapter 2 bring us?

A leaked promotional image (Apple Italia are the plug) of Fortnite Chapter 2 previews new clothing, new vehicles (check-out those boats) and what looks to be a new map, even if there are similarities to previous settings. Maybe it’s hinting at a familiar map from an alternate reality? Which would certainly explain the meaning behind the black hole.


Why is Elon Musk trending alongside Fortnite?

The man who embodies the ‘any-press-is-good-press’ idiom, Elon Musk is currently snaking his way into Twitter’s trending searches by stating that he’s deleted the game since the events of ’The End’, as apparently, this is something that people care about. He’s gone as far to joke that he’s responsible for the black hole because, in Elon Musk’s world, everything happens because of him.

Of course, now everyone’s head has fallen off Fortnite has been plunged into darkness.


Kids think it’s the actual end of the world, though, and honestly, I’m worried about the future generation.

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