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Four Missing Teens Who Vanished Paddle Boarding Found Alive On An Island


In Victoria, Australia, four missing teens who vanished paddle boarding found alive on an islandmore than 20 kilometres away.

On Monday, December 19, the two 18-year-old men and the 18-and 19-year-old women departed from Rosebud Beach off of Point Nepean Road on the Mornington Peninsula aboard inflatable paddle boarders. Then, these four missing teens who vanished paddle boarding found alive on an island.

Thought to have been enjoying the end of the school year, however questions about their whereabouts arose after a bystander discovered the kids' belongings on the beach at around 8 o'clock local time.

Following the finding, a massive search for the group was launched, involving the Police Air Wing, ambulance helicopters, water police, neighbourhood rescue boats, and family members of the four teenagers.

Tuesday, December 20, morning, at 4 a.m., the authorities had to stop the activities, but they were able to resume them at 6 a.m.

The youngsters' parents were said to be "very distraught" while they were still missing, according to acting inspector Ian Pregnor, but this morning the trio was found alive off the coast of Queenscliffe on Swan Island.

The island is more than 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the group's starting point at Rosebud Beach and around 80 kilometres (49 miles) from Melbourne.

It is the location of a military training centre managed by the Department of Defence, and the gang was found during a normal security patrol.

Pregnor recalled how the four Glen Waverly High School students had clung to two paddle boards in order to get to the island. He remarked, "They were very cold and very relieved to lay on dry land."

After being found, two of the adolescents were transported by helicopter to the hospital, while the other two were sent by ambulance.

It has been confirmed that all four members of the gang are in good health and didn't get any serious injuries during their ordeal.

"I think you can see the smile on my face, it’s absolutely sensational that they’ve been found safe overnight and search as well," Pregnor said.

One of the teens' parents, Jack Shi, told radio station 3AW that he was "relieved" that his child had been found alive and well.

The director of Gone Fishing Charters, Chris Vasilevski, revealed that while the teenagers were missing on Monday night, the wind in the area picked up to roughly 25 knots, or about 46 kilometres per hour.

"The east wind for around that area is probably one of the worst because there is no protection at all,"he said. Pregnor called the teens' finding a "Christmas miracle."


A resident who was out for a morning walk discovered the four missing teens who vanished paddle boarding found alive on an island in Victorian waters.

Two inflatable paddleboards were being used by the youths, who disappeared at some point on Monday. They were just finishing off their VCE and enjoying their graduation from high school.

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