Fox News Host Eats A Steak Whilst Interviewing A Vegan

Michael BurtonMichael Burton in Entertainment, TV
Published 05.06.19
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It’s a tough life making a living out of internet content.

You scroll through the web trying to find the next big story and it feels like nothing is going on. Then you stumble across a video from 2017 of a Fox News presenter eating steak whilst interviewing a vegan and you think to yourself, yep, that’s the ticket. I knew I could trust Fox News…for weird content that is.

There’s no two ways about it, this is just plain antagonistic. They invite on a University Professor, Dr. Delessio-Parson, who believes that eating meat reinforces things such as toxic masculinity, and seeing as she’s also a vegan they decide to get their presenter to interview her whilst eating steak.

When questioned on why she doesn’t eat meat the professor makes a pretty good point on sustainability and climate change, but that soon gets brushed aside because our man Jesse Watters seems to have squirrels on his mind. She later throws some daggers back at him by asking “did God tell you that?”

I’m not sure what I just watched to be honest, it’s all very Fox News. Check it out. 

Images via Fox

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