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Framed Temporary Driver's License Goes Viral Amid Plastic Card Shortage


The Land Transportation Office (LTO) in the Philippines is facing a shortage of plastic cards used to print driver’s licenses. As a result, the agency announced last week that drivers who have renewed their licenses can use their official receipts in the meantime. This has led to a unique situation where people are getting creative with how they display their temporary licenses. One where a framed temporary driver's license goes viral amid plastic card shortage.

A Framed Temporary Driver's License Goes Viral Amid Plastic Card Shortage

One content creator, Rose Ting, shared a photo of her driver’s license printed on a piece of paper, which she placed in a frame to protect it. She used the hashtags #framedpaperlicense and #onlyinthephilippines to describe her situation. Many others on social media expressed their relatability to Ting’s situation, with one commenter even posting a print-out of their own receipt.

Hand Holding A Laminated Printed Driver's License
Hand Holding A Laminated Printed Driver's License

However, some people criticized the LTO for the shortage and the resulting temporary licenses. One commenter called it “very shameful” and suggested that the agency should find a new supplier if their current one is unable to meet demand. Others pointed out that the temporary licenses look nothing like a valid ID and questioned why it was so difficult and expensive to get a driver’s license, only to receive a flimsy piece of paper as a temporary ID.

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According to LTO data, there are only 147,522 plastic cards available for printing driver’s licenses, which will be used up by the end of April. The agency has not yet announced a solution to the shortage, but the use of official receipts as temporary licenses will likely continue until more plastic cards become available.

This shortage has caused inconvenience for many drivers, who may need their licenses as a valid form of identification for various purposes. Additionally, it raises concerns about the efficiency and effectiveness of the LTO’s operations, as well as its ability to address and resolve issues affecting its clients.

The LTO is responsible for ensuring road safety by regulating and enforcing transportation laws in the Philippines. Its functions include issuing driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and enforcing traffic laws. The agency also conducts roadworthiness inspections and manages the country’s transportation database.

LTO fears supply of plastic cards for driver's license to run out next week

The shortage of plastic cards used to print driver’s licenses is not the first time the LTO has faced issues with its operations. In 2020, the agency was criticized for its slow and inefficient processing of licenses and registrations, which led to long lines and wait times for clients. The pandemic has also affected the LTO’s operations, as quarantine measures have limited its capacity to serve clients.

Despite these challenges, the LTO plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and orderliness of Philippine roads. It is important for the agency to address its issues and find ways to improve its operations to better serve its clients and fulfill its mandate.

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