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Free Erotica - 10 Juicy Sex Stories That You Must Know


It's never been easier to find free erotica to enjoy. Erotica is one of the most widely read literary genres, with stories to fit every interest and need.

Here are thirteen of our personal favorites.

What's the best part? You may read all of these sexual stories for free on the internet.

BDSM components, as well as intense scenes and profanity, appear in many of these stories.

Use caution, and read the "content notes" for each story to determine your degree of comfort and to learn what to expect.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/free-erotica/ by Rock Wildfire on 2022-05-26T10:33:00.846Z

Summer Fruits By Olympus Lore

A Man And A Woman Enjoying Themselves
A Man And A Woman Enjoying Themselves

The finest source to get free erotic stories incorporating recognized characters from big fandoms and franchises is An Archive Of Our Own (or "AO3," as the site is known among its most ardent readers and writers).

There are over six million pieces to enjoy on this platform, ranging from TV episodes and classic literature to anime and Broadway musicals.

"Summer Fruits" is a contemporary reworking of Greek tales that includes orgies, romance, anal play, and other elements.

Slutbot Quickies

A Woman Kissing A Man.jpg
A Woman Kissing A Man.jpg

Slutbot is primarily known for being an erotic sexting chatbot, but it also delivers free long and short-form erotica that may be customized.

These short stories are fast-paced and exciting. To date, our favorite features a steamy encounter with Black Panther's bad boy "Killmonger."

You can read an excerpt below. Text "celebsex" to (415) 650-0395 to read the entire tale and play through many more.

If you're so inclined, you can share Slutbot's phone number with your partner or a friend.

You like it when Erik goes undercover. You wanted to be in on this heist, but the last one left you injured, so you had to drive the getaway van. You know he'll be fine. He didn't earn the name "Killmonger" for nothing. But you still don't like waiting. The museum alarm sounds and Erik tears from the loading dock with an artifact in his hand. He leaps into the van and you gun it. Exhilarating. You park at the safe house. "Come back here," he purrs, I want to show you what I got...

Apple Pie By T’Sade

A Woman Reading Erotica
A Woman Reading Erotica

This brief erotica novella is sure to satisfy your sweet craving.

Keep in mind that T'Sade is known for extreme stories, so keep that in mind while you browse the rest of their website.

Mistress Tami And Her Sissy By Six Sixtytwo

A Woman Screaming In Pleasure
A Woman Screaming In Pleasure

This is the book for you if you enjoy authoritarian fiction that flirt with taboo.

This free erotic story explores femdom, sissification, and corporal punishment, so it's safe to assume it doesn't hold back.

Trembling Thighs By Canadian Sweets

A Woman Tied During Foreplay
A Woman Tied During Foreplay

This brief sexy narrative gets right to the point, but by the conclusion, you'll be shaking with ecstasy.

However, because this is only Part 1, you'll have to remain tuned to discover where the narrative goes.

Tender Sweet Young Thing By Xan West

A Woman Posing
A Woman Posing

This free erotic novel is titillating, queer, and indulging in forbidden, with a variety of BDSM and power exchange activities to satisfy your kinkier side.

Smoke Signals By Sprite

A Couple Practicing BDSM
A Couple Practicing BDSM

Smoke Signals is a romantic and sensuous free erotica story that reads like a romance and feels like a true narrative about people discovering together.

Yes, the title is a reference to the Phoebe Bridgers song of the same name.

Three Girls And An Apology By Krissy Kneen

A Couple Making Love At The Shower
A Couple Making Love At The Shower

This sensual story about a group of girls who discover the perfect man to join them in their pleasure is sure to get your juices flowing.

Jack’s Righteous Rig By Burnt Redstone

A Woman Reading Erotica On The Laptop
A Woman Reading Erotica On The Laptop

This seven-part narrative is for you if you enjoy epic stories with not-quite-human characters. While you're there, check out the rest of Literotica's offers.

When you're finished with "Jack's Righteous Rig," head over to the granddaddy website for free erotica stories.

The Night Crossing By Erika Lynne Fitzpatrick

A Couple Passionately Making Love
A Couple Passionately Making Love

This beautiful, sapphic novel would appeal to everyone who enjoys travel. This dream set in a far-flung setting, starring a gorgeous couple and a foreign voyeur, will get you moving.

What is EROTICA? | Hot SEX stories | Leeza Mangaldas

People Also Ask

What Are The Best Websites For Erotic Stories?

Are you looking for free erotica that is sizzling and high quality?

Although Literotica is frequently recommended as the ideal spot to begin your search, there are plenty additional platforms to consider for example: An Archive of Our Own, Lush Stories, Bellesa and MCStories.

What Is The Difference Betwen Erotica And Porn ?

You'll almost certainly be able to discover something free and interesting online, whether you're looking for erotica or porn.

Text-based erotica stories provide readers the freedom to read at their own leisure. Instead than being force-fed a director's ideal, erotic stories allow readers to conceive their ideal protagonists.

While poor language and odd syntax can be distracting, many readers are willing to overlook minor faults if the story is compelling enough.

Furthermore, the ethics of consuming free erotica are frequently superior to that of free porn.

Is The Content Really Free ?

The majority of writers who put erotica on the internet do so on purpose, but many pornographers do not agree to their work being freely shared on streaming sites. As you explore the enormous world of free erotica, take your time.

When you discover an author you enjoy, you may want to read more of their work. Check to see if the author has a website, and then consider becoming a subscription.


A Woman Posing In A Sexy Position
A Woman Posing In A Sexy Position

Seriously, erotica should be everyone's go-to for some steamy alone time. (If you're feeling adventurous, try reading it out loud to a partner to change things up.)

Whatever your passions, there's a story out there that you'll swear was written just for you. Have a BDSM kink you'd like to investigate?

There are thousands of stories to choose from. Are you a member of the LGBTQIA+ community looking for erotica that is inclusive? It's all over the place.

Have a fetish that you believe no one else has? I'm confident you'll discover it on one of the erotica sites listed below.

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