‘Friends’ Creator Reveals Juicy Details About How The Cast Was Nearly VERY Different

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Published 13.03.19

There are very few things I’m genuinely knowledgeable about and Friends is definitely one of them.

If I were ever to go on Mastermind it’d would almost certainly be my chosen topic – well, either that or Manchester United in the Premier League era – because I must have seen every episode 20-30 times.

I’m that annoying person that can repeat what’s being said verbatim.

However, apparently there are still some things I’m not aware of, as co-creator Marta Kauffman has revealed some juicy new details in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

“We thought Courteney Cox might be Rachel,” Krane said. “She’s the one who said, ‘No, I should be Monica’.”

But that’s not it – we very nearly also had a Matthew Perry-less Chandler.

“Matthew Perry was one of the first names on our list, but he was doing another show at the time, so we made an offer to another actor, who thankfully turned it down, and we got back to Matthew,” she said.

Interestingly, the actor who turned it down was Jon Favreau, who later appeared in the show as Pete Becker, a character that dated Monica briefly before turning to the UFC.

Furthermore, Kauffman also revealed that one Friends character was written specifically for the actor who played it.

“David Schwimmer had auditioned (for us) the year before for another pilot, and he was in our heads when we wrote Ross — his voice, the hangdog thing,” she said.

Once everyone was cast in the show, everyone was invited for the first rehearsal, and it’s here when she knew the show was going to be something special

“We had all six of them onstage for the first time, and they read the scene in the coffeehouse,” she recalled. “I got chills up and down my spine and thought, ‘This is special. There is something about these six, this script for them, that’s special’.”

This comes after Marta also revealed why she doesn’t think a Friends reunion show will ever happen.

As much as I hate to admit it, her points make a lot of sense.

Still, at least thanks to Netflix we can still continue to blitz through the original series whenever we want.

Please don’t ever leave us.

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