Friends Guess Who is a thing now and maybe it’s what we all needed to get us through the lockdown.

I’ll be honest, a game of Guess Who loses steam pretty sharpish once you start. It’s not like you can chain games like you might with a different board game, can you?

A single game doesn’t even last long. It’s a solid three minutes of somewhat fun, but I don’t know, maybe Friends Guess Who is different.

friends guess who

I doubt it is, but the added kitsch value is welcome to the pretty tired game.

Treat Yo Self to this custom made Friends themed Guess Who game made with YOUR favourite characters!

Has your character been divorced? Did your character have a stuffed penguin? Was your character ON A BREAK? Did your character have a barcalounger?

These are the included Friends:

• Rachel Green
• Monica Geller
• Phoebe Buffay
• Joey Tribbiani
• Chandler Bing
• Dr. Ross Geller
• Gunther
• Janice
• Mike Hannigan
• Carol Willick
• Emily Waltham
• Dr. Richard Burke
• Jack Geller
• Judy Geller
• Susan Bunch
• Estelle
• Tag Jones
• Mona
• Charlie Wheeler
• Frank Buffay Jr.
• Janine Lecroix
• Pete Becker
• Ursula Buffay
• Paul Stevens

friends guess who

Buying one of these boards from the five-star rated seller will set you back a pretty hefty $68.00 (£55.09), but if you’re a huge Friends fan who’s gagging to ask “were they on a break?!” then this might be the game for you.

One of the reviews was pretty pleased, reading:

Shipped quickly!! Got this for my “Friends” loving Friend. She loved it! Thanks for making such a unique gift.”

The seller also has another couple of TV-based Guess Who games, such as ones based on Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

friends guess who

Not a bad business model, is it? All you need is somewhere to buy Guess Who boards and a printer.

I should get on that really.

Images via Hasbro, Etsy