We’ve all had a lot more time at home this year, and that goes hand-in-hand with watching more telly.

There have been some brilliant shows in 2020, and Freeview has revealed the must-watch TV that we’ve all been talking about.

More than a quarter of those asked said TV has helped them feel less lonely this year, and 40% admit to watching a show just so they can be involved in the conversation. Nobody wants to be left out in the group chat, do they?

Dodging spoilers has been a minefield for many of us this year, but we can’t resist a chat about our favourite shows.

Castles and cakes.

At the top of the list is I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. Fans weren’t sure what to expect when the show relocated from the Australian jungle to a derelict castle in Wales, but the series didn’t disappoint. From Jordan North vomiting in the first episode to some of the most gruesome tasks yet, fans were kept on their toes. It’s no surprise everyone was keen to chat about what the celebs were up to. Many fans feel like Jordan was robbed of the crown when Giovanna Fletcher won, as he had done more tasks.

Another upset this year was the final three of Bake Off. Who knew that such a gentle show about cakes could inspire such passionate debate? When it was announced that the messiest baker of all time, Laura, had made it through to the final after Hermine left, there was uproar.

Royalty and romance.

The Crown has also been ruffling feathers, as well as introducing a whole new generation to Princess Diana. People are in love with the style and also conflicted by seeing Gillian Anderson portraying Margaret Thatcher so convincingly. There have been calls for warnings to be added stating the series is fictional, but that isn’t going to be happening.

Remember Tiger King? It feels like another lifetime that we all gawked at the antics of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin, and it was absolutely everywhere in February. It’s no surprise that the documentary comes in at number 6.

Love Is Blind was also in February, and made for addictive viewing. Several of the successful couples are now huge influencers on Instagram, and people are desperate for another series.

Emily In Paris got everyone watching – but it felt like everyone was raging about it? Maybe it was a guilty pleasure watch, but it’s definitely done something right as a second season is coming. Twitter was busy again when people realised something about the pronunciation of the title.

Here are the most talked about shows of 2020.

  1. I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!                   25 percent
  2. The Great British Bake Off                                          20 percent
  3. The Crown                                                                      16 percent
  4. Britain’s Got Talent                                                      15 percent
  5. Killing Eve (series three)                                             13 percent
  6. Tiger King                                                                        13 percent
  7. Peaky Blinders                                                               12 percent
  8. Friday Night Dinner                                                      10 percent
  9. The Umbrella Academy                                              10 percent
  10. His Dark Materials                                                        9 percent
  11. The Queen’s Gambit                                                    9 percent
  12. Derry Girls                                                                      9 percent
  13. Gangs of London                                                           7 percent
  14. The Boys                                                                         7 percent
  15. Emily in Paris                                                                 7 percent
  16. Married at First Sight                                                   7 percent
  17. Normal People                                                              6 percent
  18. The Salisbury Poisonings                                            6 percent
  19. Ghosts                                                                             6 percent
  20. The Undoing                                                                  6 percent
  21. Schitt’s Creek                                                                 6 percent
  22. Love is Blind                                                                   5 percent
  23. The Morning Show                                                       5 percent
  24. Top Boy                                                                           5 percent
  25. Dead to me                                                                    5 percent

How many have you watched?