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Fun Sex Games - How To Play The Hottest Game Of Your Life


Sex is a serious matter. Is that the case? The truth is that sex doesn't have to be all steamy, all serious, and all Hollywood high drama to be enjoyable.

Sex may be hilarious, goofy, and entertaining at times! Consider playing some fun sex games with your honey if you want to add a little levity to your sex life.

They can brighten your mood, inject a dash of sparkling silliness into your sex life, or transform a calm relationship into a wild one. Here are some entertaining sex game suggestions:

Truth Or Dare

A Couple Playing Truth Or Dare
A Couple Playing Truth Or Dare

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As an adult, this junior high favorite is a lot more enjoyable. Ask your sweetheart questions like, "What is the hottest sex we've ever had?" "How long has it been since you last masturbated?"

"What's one sexual thing you've always wanted to try?" or "What's one sexual thing you've always wanted to try?" The sky's the limit if they chose to dare!

Guess The Sensation

A Couple Playing Guess The Sensation
A Couple Playing Guess The Sensation

All you'll need is a blindfold (a scarf could suffice in a pinch) and some imagination! Take turns putting blindfolds on one another.

The individual who is not blind can induce sensations on the blindfolded person's body by using various household objects (and possibly some kinky ones as well).

To create erotic and pleasurable sensations, try using fur, leather, feathers, a cold spoon, an ice cube, warm honey, or the blunt edge of a butter knife.

Sexy Dice

Sexy Dice Game
Sexy Dice Game

Sexy dice can be found in most sex toy and novelty stores. One die has verbs (e.g., "Lick," "Suck," "Stroke," etc.) while the other die has body parts (e.g., "Finger," "Nipple," "Earlobe," etc.) in the most popular manner. Rolling the dice and seeing where they land is all there is to it!

Pick A Number

A Couple Playing A Sex Game
A Couple Playing A Sex Game

Purchase a sex guidebook that includes a variety of different techniques to play. Take turns picking a number that corresponds to a page without peeking. You must complete whatever is on that page!

Remote Controlled Vibe/Buttplug

A Cartoon Depiction Of A Remote Controlled Butt Plug
A Cartoon Depiction Of A Remote Controlled Butt Plug

Remote-controlled vibrators are found in many sex toy retailers (both online and offline).

Some are designed to go in the vaginal canal and are formed like eggs, while others are made like butt plugs (the flared base is important for anything that goes inside the anus).

When you and your sweetie go out the next time, one of you can wear the vibe while the other controls the remote.

If they can keep their secret when ordering supper or purchasing movie tickets, they'll get bonus points!

Vibrator Trivia Fun Sex Games

A Depiction Of A Vibrator Trivia Fun Sex Game
A Depiction Of A Vibrator Trivia Fun Sex Game

How effectively can you retain your cool while you're having a bad day? The only way to find out is to play this sex game!

Take turns vibrating your partner's sensitive bits (a wand with a large head is especially useful for this) while they answer a trivia question.

You can either take cards from another game or create your own! A point is awarded for each correct answer.

Whoever Comes First, Loses

A Couple Playing A Game
A Couple Playing A Game

This is a wonderful sex game to try if you and your honey are both exceptionally good at orgasming.

Enjoy your sex as usual, but whomever comes first loses! For added motivation, the "penalty" can be determined ahead of time.

Cooking dinner that night, driving to the store, or picking up the kids from school for a week can all be enjoyable punishments.

Predicament Bondage

A Woman Tied Playing Predicament Bondage
A Woman Tied Playing Predicament Bondage

Predicament bondage is more of a kinky pastime that is often incorporated into other BDSM practices than it is a sex game.

It can, however, be enjoyable on its own. Simply said, the bondage is created by a person's decision to stay put rather than by rope or handcuffs.

Predicament bondage can include things like balancing a book on one's head while being fingered, maintaining a raw egg between your knees or else being "punished," or holding a position while being fingered.

The more difficult it becomes, the more enjoyable it becomes! Consider playing one of these amusing sex games with your honey the next time you have a date night.

You'll never think of "gaming night" in the same way! Sexual well-being is crucial to overall health.

5 games to spice things up

People Also Ask

What games can we play in bed?

  • Guess This Item. Blindfold your partner. ...
  • Truth or Dare - Minus The Truth. Sure, we're aware we could have just said "Dare" and saved the time of calling it "Truth or Dare minus the truth" but where's the drama in that? ...
  • Aural Sex. ...
  • Spin The Bottle - With A Twist. ...
  • Role Play.

How can I play with my husband body?

Use your hands, fingernails, body, and lips to explore his body. Turn your husband on by occasionally making the sexual experience all about him, letting him revel in the beauty of your body and your relationship.

What game should couples play?

While there are typical card games such as slapjack, blackjack, war, and strip poker, there are also games that are played with a different set of cards. Monopoly Deal, Five, Set, Crowns, and Uno are just a few of the entertaining card games you can play with your companion on a date night.

How do I become more playful flirty?

Confidence and playfulness are the foundations of being fun and flirtatious. Smile frequently, create direct eye contact, and don't be hesitant to express yourself, for example. Compliment, touch, and be spontaneous when you're alone with your crush. Don't be afraid to flaunt what you've got!

What is playful flirting?

Playful. Flirting is viewed as a tool by this personality type, and they like banter and teasing for the sake of it. Because this type derives self-esteem from flirting, engaging with a lighthearted flirt rarely leads to a serious relationship. They have a tendency to be hot and cold at the same time.


Three People Playing Sex Games
Three People Playing Sex Games

Balance is essential in everything. Sexuality is at its best when it is neither suppressed nor overwhelming in your life.

You might be able to establish the optimal sex balance in your life by looking into medical, mental, and physical resources.

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