Funeral goers in Germany accidentally ate a cake with cannabis cooked into it as they were mourning a loved one.

As is customary in the United Kingdom, when someone dies, you go to the funeral, pay your respects, and then get as drunk as is humanly possible, while saying something like:

Well this is what they would have wanted.

No matter what kind of person they were, that’s what’s said at their wake.


Apparently that isn’t the custom all over the word though, as in Germany, you visit a cafe for some coffee and a cake. Sounds terrible and not at all respectful. No one shares a good story over a cup of joe. It’s as if you didn’t love them.

Anyway, it looks like the lack of gratuitous post-mortem drinking was the Germans’ undoing, as they ended up accidentally eating some delicious and not-so-nutritious space cake… that’s what the kids call it, right?

german cake cannabis


13 people suffered from nausea and dizziness and needed medical treatment after eating some cake in a restaurant in Wiethagen in the east of Germany, due to a mix-up.

A police investigation revealed that the employee in charge of cakes at the restaurant asked her daughter to bake one with cannabis in it, before mixing them up in the freezer and serving the “special” one to mourners.

To be fair, it probably took their minds off of things…


Police have said that the 18-year-old is under investigation.

While the episode took place in August, it was kept under wraps in order to show respect for the affected people. In their shoes, it would be horrible to lose a loved one and then essentially be spiked at the wake.

I do apologise if I’ve been facetious, but I’m very cool in that I struggle to be earnest, but yes, my thoughts are with the friends and family of the recently deceased.


You would have thought that they received some sort of payoff, but who knows, maybe they took it in their stride?

Maybe they even saw the funny side?

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