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Funny Extra Credit Questions To Make Exams Less Stressful


Students nowadays are fortunate to receive some wildly creative and funny extra credit questions.

What a nice way to end an otherwise soul-crushing, brain-pulverizing exam.

One of the nerve-wracking experiences you have to go through as students is taking an exam, which is also one of the things that drains and tires out your brains.

A funny extra credit question and its answer
A funny extra credit question and its answer

Tests created by teachers can take many forms, including multiple-choice, enumeration, fill-in-the-blank, and essay questions.

However, in the modern world, some educators design exams with humorous extra questionsto gauge their students' humor faculties in elementary and high school.

Yet, these modern test papers with some funnyextra credit questions seem to stimulate students' creativity and humor.

Why not try it out on one of your students if you're a teacher who uses assessment tools now?

Or do you, as a student or a former student, ever get an extra credit questionor assignment from your teacher that is so absurdly hilarious that you can't believe it's for real?

If so, the information presented in this article will likely strike a chord with you.

Teachers can use this information to give you a memorable and impressive grade.

A students answered a funny extra credit question by drawing a dinosaur
A students answered a funny extra credit question by drawing a dinosaur

List Of Some Funny Extra Credit Questions For Students

  • What are people taught in schools?
  • Why did six fear seven? [Because seven ate nine = Seven Eight Nine]
  • Describe the bond that exists between Mario and Luigi. [They are brothers]
  • How do I get to Sesame Street, please?
  • How does the fox respond?
  • How many hues can you see in a rainbow? Specify the colors. [Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet are the seven colors.]
  • Give the names of two songs whose melody is similar to the "Alphabet Song". ["Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"]
  • What is black, white, and red all over? [A chocolate sundae with ketchup on top, an embarrassed zebra, a penguin with a rash, a newspaper, and more.]
  • What is "flossing"? [Either a description of the dance or a demonstration of your dental technique!]
  • What is the United States of America's official motto? ["E Pluribus Unum"]
  • How come the sky is blue? [ The tiny air molecules in the Earth's atmosphere scatter blue light in all directions. Due to the shorter, smaller waves that blue uses to travel, it scatters more than other colors. This explains why the sky is typically blue.]
  • What is the most absurd query you've ever posed?
  • Imagine your teacher on vacation in a drawing.
  • Which would you choose for a pet—a dinosaur or a dragon? Explain.
  • How is a hot dog made?
  • What was the first item to have a barcode ever? [A box of Rigley chewing gum]
  • Complete this phrase: This is the tale of a lovely woman raising three equally lovely girls. [Like their mother, they all had golden hair. The smallest one has hair with curls.]
  • Mention the top 5 all-boy bands. [The Beatles, One Direction, NSYNC, New Edition, The Monkees, The Backstreet Boys, Jackson 5, The Beatles, The New Kids on the Block]
  • What was the very first video on YouTube? [Jawed Karem's video "Me at the Zoo"]
  • When was the initial YouTube video posted? [April 23, 2005]
  • Who has ever received the highest NFL salary? [248 million dollar Peyton Manning]
  • Create the opening verse of the song that is sung during the seventh inning of baseball games. [Take Take me to a baseball game, take me to a gathering; Buy me some crackers and peanuts. I don't mind if I never return, Jack. Let me support the home team wholeheartedly; it would be unfortunate if they lost. For in the old baseball game, you're out after one, two, and three strikes.]
  • On Wednesdays, what do we wear? [pink]
  • Who is Mike Wazowski's closest friend in the film Monsters, Inc.? [Sullivan, James P].
  • Where does Luke find Yoda in Star Wars? [Degobah]
  • What percentage of stitches are on a Major League Baseball? [108]
  • "I'm king of the world!" is a line from what movie? [Titanic]
  • Who will never let you down, never give up on you, and never run away from you? [Richard Astley].
  • Identify each of Snow White's seven dwarfs. [Sneezy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy]
  • What four types of blood are there in a human? [A, B, AB, & O]
  • Describe the style of footwear that was created in 1815 to enable swift movement over hard, smooth terrain. [Roller skates]
  • Which former president is the subject of a toy? Which toy was it? [Teddy bear, Theodore Roosevelt]
  • How many sides are there in a dodecagon? [12]
  • What was the full baptismal name of Mozart? [Wolfgang Theophilus Johannes Chrysostomus Mozart]
  • What three things are you familiar with regarding the Dewey Decimal System? [It is a method for classifying books. Melville Dewey invented it in 1876. Every subject has a number, and each number is divided into two parts: a class number (derived from the Dewey system) and a book number.]
A picture of a test paper with an extra credit question's answer and teacher remarks
A picture of a test paper with an extra credit question's answer and teacher remarks

Tricky Bonus Questions

You should keep in mind that the obvious solution to the problems in tests is frequently untrue.

There is a secretly raised bar of difficulty.

You are compelled to consider alternative options.

The good newsis that you start to get the hang of it after tackling a few of these kinds of riddles.

If you make it through this list, you'll probably be ready for just about any brainteaser.

The more dedicated players, however, will want to scroll all the way down this page.

You might need some luck, so good luck!

Twelve blackbirds were perched in a tree. A man used his gun to shoot one blackbird. How many still remained atop the tree?

None. The rest took off flying.

What was the name of the president in 1992?

Exactly as it is right now.

John's mother gave birth to three kids. April was the first child's name. The second kid was given the name May. What was the name of the third child?


Which mountain was the tallest in the world prior to the discovery of Mount Everest?

The Everest.

Visualize yourself plummeting into a deep pit filled with deadly snakes and spiders. What would keep you alive?

Quit imagining.

20 Most Hilarious Kids Test Answers That Made Even The Teacher Laugh

Science Bonus Questions

What processes maintain the planets' revolving-door motion around the sun?


What is the largest star in the solar system?

The sun.

Would you weigh more or less if you were on Mars?

Less. On Mars, a person who weighs 200 pounds would only weigh 76 pounds.

What is the largest bone in the human body?

The femur. It is also referred to as the thigh bone.

What is the smallest bone in the human body?

The stirrup bone, also known as the stapes bone, is the answer. It is situated behind your ear.

What type of blood type is referred to as the universal donor?

O negative.

People Also Ask

How Does Extra Credit Work On A Test?

The number of percentage points earned raises the student's final average percent. Consider a student who completed the course with a final average of 90% and received 4% on an extra credit assignment. The student's new overall grade point average is 94%.

What Happens If You Fail Extra Credit?

The cumulative grade of a student won't be affected negatively by an extra credit assignment.

Is Doing Extra Credit Worth It?

A category for extra credit is worth 5% of the overall course grade. If a student completes all of the extra credit assignments, they could receive a course grade of 105%.


Above are some of the top tricky, scientific, and funny extra credit questions of all time that you won't believe some teachers actually put on REAL tests!

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