James Haskell snaps at Ant and Dec as he and Roman Kemp fail to complete ‘impossible’ bushtucker trial in I’m A Celeb.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE watching celebrities in the jungle kick, scream and struggle their way through a bushtucker trial however, I found last night’s live trial extremely painful to watch.

It wasn’t the most disgusting challenge that I found difficult to watch (I mean, pigs penis smoothie, c’mon), it was Roman Kemp and James Haskell’s   practical task which I, the Twittersphere and Haskell himself believe was impossible to complete.


James Haskell

Time for context.


In yesterday’s episode of I’m A Celeb, the twelve contestants took on a live, Love Island-themed bushtucker trial which involved drinking blended cockroaches and passing testicles from mouth to mouth. Disgusting, but TV Gold. (Cue Roman’s dad.)

After gaining nine stars, it seemed as though the campmates were on a roll and viewers at home believed that he was going to secure all twelve stars. However, in the last task which involved screwing and unscrewing stars in boxes containing crabs and creepy-crawlies, Kemp and Haskell were unable to obtain any.


After failing the task, Haskell and Kemp’s fellow campmates reassured the pair that no on of them could’ve tried any harder; nevertheless, James wasn’t satisfied by the result which led him to snap at Ant and Dec.

Whilst in most instances, the British public is quick to protect and defend the presenting duo, it seems that this time round viewers are on Haskell’s side which has led many to believe the the result was rigged.

I'M A Celeb


Here’s what the Twittersphere is saying:



Ant and Dec took to Twitter to defend the show, stating that those who tested the bushtucker trial before Kemp and Haskell were able to successfully bag all the stars available.



What do I think? I think a hungry, irritated Ian Wright makes great TV. I think it’s extremely convenient that the campmate’sfailure to bag the last three stars in the trial means he is one of three that won’t be eating a roast in tonight’s episode. I think ITV think they’re slick.

Who knows though? Probably not Ant and Dec tbf.