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Fury As ‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Is Replaced By ‘Latin Barbie’


Former model Yanet Garcia says she sees her new role on television as "a platform to make my aspirations come true."

Until recently, she presented the weather on Mexican TV station Televisa Monterry, and viewers have come to admire her figure-hugging attire and adorable connection with boyfriend Lewis Howes on Instagram.

But fury as world’s hottest weather girl is replaced by Latin Barbie.

To spend more time with her beloved, she's left her career.

What Does Yanet Garcia Do Now?

Since then, she's gone on to become a certified personal trainer. Yanet Garcia, a certified personal trainer, has launched a new website devoted to health and fitness. She is also a trainer on the FitPlan app, a personal training app.

On Instagram, Yanet Garcia has more than 13 million followers. LiveRampup says she also runs a modeling school in Monterrey, New Mexico, called "Yanet Garcia Models."

In the last few days, Yanet has announced the launch of her OnlyFans account. In addition to announcing the good news, she also shared some exclusive content with her followers via Instagram. "Welcome to my only fans!" She wrote in a message.

Who Replaced Yanet Garcia?

Aleira Avendano wearing a blue sexy outfit while posing and smiling
Aleira Avendano wearing a blue sexy outfit while posing and smiling

What about her successor?

She is from Latin America.

Model Aleira Avendano, 29, is nicknamed the "Latin Barbie" because of her slender frame.

It is said by the media in her hometown that she has had 38 cosmetic surgeries in her life.

She has undergone 38 procedures, the stunning Venezuelan woman revealed.

She had her boobs enlarged seven times; five nose jobs; 18 liposculpture treatments; lips; teeth; you name it; anything.

She has put roughly $200,000 (149,650 GBP) into her operations and the effort and attention that goes along with them.

To put it another way, she has never been afraid of surgery since she always does her homework on the specialists and the procedures.


Some people are pleased about Aleira's debut on Hoy, and fury as World’s Hottest Weather Girl is replaced by Latin Barbie.

Others said Yanet will be much missed.

"Who can replace Yanet's talents?" a viewer tweeted.

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