Mars and Galaxy have released their first ever vegan chocolate bars, completely staying away from cows’ milk and people are excited.

The vegan thing isn’t dying down like a lot of people thought it would, is it?

Just a fad,” people said as they dismissed the protests and research telling us that meat is bad for your health and the environment, but here we are in 2019 with Extinction Rebellion shutting down capitals all around the world and 54-year-old Moby getting tattoos saying “Animal Rights” all the way down his arms.


With that in mind, Mars have hopped on the old bandwagon (I’m saying that like it’s a bad thing, but it’s not) and released their own vegan chocolate under their sub-brand Galaxy.

There are three flavours available and they are smooth orange, caramel and sea salt, and caramelised hazelnut; all of which have been approved by the Vegan Society, whoever they are. Presumably some kind of society of vegans.

galaxy vegan chocolate hazelnut


Mars say that six months was spent trying to find the perfect alternative to cows’ milk, and they eventually landed on hazelnut paste and rice syrup, which doesn’t sound great for nut allergy-sufferers.

With that said, I’m not sure any of veganism sounds great for people with nut allergies. Where would you get your protein from? Beans? That seems like it would get boring.


Linda Lopez, the head of the sensory team at Mars, told the Guardian:

The taste of Galaxy has not changed in the nearly 60 years since it was launched. We wanted to retain the classic smooth and creamy taste and texture without any compromise.

mars new vegan chocolate


On top of the environmental benefits of now using milk, the new bars will also be packaged in completely compostable wrapping, made from wood fibre, covered with a cardboard sleeve.


All of this goodness comes at a cost though, and that cost is £3 for a 100g bar; twice as much as you would pay for your standard Galaxy.

You’ll be able to get yours from the 18th of November in Tesco, or online from Ocado and Amazon. I imagine other places too.

This comes after Cadbury White bars have been spotted in ASDA.

And now Cadbury show us all some love by finally releasing their new “creamy white chocolate” bar in ASDA stores nationwide. I must’ve been a very good boy this year.


We first reported on Cadbury’s new white chocolate back in August. I’m now beyond happy to report that Cadbury White bars have actually finally been spotted by shoppers in Asda and are on sale for just £2 (’cause it’s pretty massive at 180g) or two bars for £3 if you’re feeling extra. If you’re still mourning the Cadbury’s Dream bar, like I am, then take comfort in that fact that your days are about to be merry and bright, ’cause Cadbury White is officially here, So Sayeth the internet.

Tis the season

Images via Mars