Game Are Back With Their Christmas Dinners In A Can

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Published 03.12.19

Game’s Christmas dinners in a can are making a comeback, but this time you’ll be able to get both a vegetarian and vegan option.

Christmas is fast approaching and with that, all of the admin of sorting out the big day comes with it. There’s a lot of stress in planning Christmas and it would be nice if someone could take some of that away.

Have any of you tried to buy a turkey, for instance? They’re proper pocket burners. So far the price of turkey is the most convincing argument for me to go vegan.


There’s nary even a man or woman on this planet who even liked turkey. Where do they get off being that expensive?

I digress…


Christmas dinner is a hassle-filled meal and it’s because of that, that Game are back with their delightfully disgusting “Christmas Tinners”.


The Christmas Tinners were released back in 2013 to coincide with the release of the latest generations of gaming consoles, more or less as a tongue-in-cheek joke aimed at diehard gamers, but all of these years later, in a bid to remain relevant with online purchases and downloads becoming more and more prevalent, Game have made a few changes.

I say changes, more additions, as you can now get your grubby little hands on a vegetarian or vegan option. The good news is that they look just as horrible and gelatinous.

The original consists of:


Scrambled Egg & Bacon, Two Mince Pies, Turkey & Potatoes, Gravy, Bread Sauce, Cranberry Sauce, Brussel sprouts with stuffing or broccoli with stuffing, Roast carrots and parsnips and Christmas Pudding.

Here’s the vegetarian Christmas Tinner…


This one is made of 12 layers, including gingerbread pancakes, a nut roast, veggie pigs in blankets, a yule log and a Toblerone.

And here’s the vegan option…


This one consists of scrambled tofu, tempeh bacon, a mushroom Wellington, and vegan chocolate cake and custard, and much much more.

It’s good that they put sweet and savoury in in no particular order.

Emma Butler, digital marketing specialist at Game, said:

The original Christmas Tinner has been so popular with gamers over the last several years that this year we’ve been inundated with requests for a vegan or vegetarian alternative. There are now 3.5 million vegans in the UK and we have had to respond to the shift in consumer behaviour habits and demand and make sure our products are appealing to all.


Carrie Rose, creative director at Rise at Seven, added:

Game contacted us regarding this project after receiving a number of requests for new vegan and vegetarian options. They found that every year the number of searches on the website for the product increased, with more and more gamers searching for alternative ingredients of the tinner. They needed to create a product that appealed to their whole audience whilst remaining tasty too.”


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