‘Game Of Thrones’ Premiere Had One Moment Fans Have Been Anticipating For A Long Time

Michael BurtonMichael Burton in Entertainment, TV
Published 15.04.19

Warning. This article contains spoilers from the first episode of Game of Thrones season eight, if you haven’t yet watched it, then it’s probably best that you turn back around…

The Game of Thrones season eight premiere finally landed. All those months of speculation are over, and we’re getting ever closer to finding out who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of it all.

The season 8 opener was packed full of reunions. There was Jon and Bran, Tyrion and Sansa, Bran and Jaimie (awkward), and of most heart-warmingly of all Jon and Arya.


There was one moment, however, which captured fans imagination more than any other, and that was Jon Snow finally getting to sit his ass down on a dragon and go for a little ride. In the episode Daenerys tells Jon to hop onto Rhaegal and give that old flying dragons things a go.

To say Jon was a little cautious would be an understatement, he looked about as confident as I would riding a dragon, and I find horses intimidating. The one thing that Jon has that I don’t is Targaryen blood, and luckily that meant for him that Rhaegal wasn’t about to kill him.


You can see from the look on her face that Daenerys treats riding a dragon like riding a bike…

The fans loved it, and they had some fun with it on Twitter too.


Daenerys and Jon had a little smooch in front of the dragon, and naturally there was only one way all of this was heading, incest jokes.


So there we have it, Jon Snow has taken a dragon for a test run. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion we’ll be seeing more Jon on dragons as the season progresses, except maybe he’ll have a little more control next time.

Image Credits: HBO