‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Were Finally Treated To ‘Cleganebowl’ And It Was Huge

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Published 13.05.19

SPOILER ALERT, by the way. This article has spoilers for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones.

It’s been a long time but Game of Thrones fans have finally had the pleasure of watching Cleganebowl.

It’s been a while – eight seasons, in fact – since we learned that The Hound absolutely had one thing on his mind, and that was getting revenge on his older brother.

The Hound has The Mountain to thank for his disfigured face, as he pushed him into a fire when they were younger. Ever since, ol’ Houndy boy has wanted revenge; the only thing that’s been driving him during his entire arc.


Cleganebowl. It’s what the fans have wanted for years now, and it’s exactly what they got last night.

The penultimate episode exhibited the showdown between the brothers as Kings Landing crumbled. The Mountain now a sort-of zombie thanks to his queen, Cersei, seemed to have the upper hand almost immediately, but things turned around.

The Hound beat The Mountain with his sword, knocking his helmet off and revealing his decaying face. He then drove his sword through his brother’s chest, thinking he’d won the fight, but this only slowed the Mountain down, who pulled the sword out and made his way over.


He then started to throw The Hound around, before picking him up and trying to crush his skull through his eyes; a bit of a signature move.


Meanwhile, The Hound is stabbing frantically with his dagger, doing his best Austin Powers impression as he shouts “WHY WON’T YOU DIE?”. He then manages to drive his dagger through his head, via his eye but ridiculously, The Mountain stays standing.

Knowing that there’s no way our alive, The Hound sacrifices himself, charging at his brother and throwing them both into the fires below.


It was a fitting end for the man who taught Arya, as he actually said something a bit heartfelt to her before the fight, telling her not to focus on revenge because he doesn’t want her to end up like him.

Fans were of course amazed by what they’d seen…



Just one more episode to go now…

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