The Night King was conspicuous in his absence in the first episode of Game Of Thrones season 8, but his icy aura was still felt by the characters scattered across Westeros.

Maybe he was learning how to properly fly Viserion – much like Jon did with Rhaegal (coincidentally, or not coincidentally, the dragon that’s named after his father, Rhaegar Targaryen).

However, a huge talking point to emerge from the first episode revolves around the Night King’s ‘symbol’, what he represents, and ultimately who he really is.


Let’s back up for a minute though with what we do know: The Night King was created by the Children of the Forest, as we saw during one of Bran’s flashbacks with the former Three-Eyed Raven.



Seemingly a normal man, the Night King has a shard of dragonglass plunged into his heart and his transformation into the Night King is complete.

Fast-forward to the most recent episode, and showrunner David Benioff said of Jon riding a dragon: “No one has ever ridden a dragon except for Dany. Only Targaryens can ride dragons and that should be a sign for Jon. Jon’s not always the quickest with the uptake but he gets there”.


Only a Targaryen can ride a dragon. Anyone else remember the Night King riding one too?


If it’s true that “only Targaryens can ride dragons,” perhaps the Night King, Jon Snow, and Daenerys are all tied by the same bloodline.



There’s three of them left, three dragons, and the three-headed dragon is the Tararyen sigil, so maybe the Night King is a Targaryen after all.

Which nicely brings me to my next point about poor old (dead) Ned Umber.

We unfortunately saw him at the end of the episode nailed to a wall, surrounded by a mass of severed body parts. These limbs were arranged in a spiral shape, which became even more prominent when it was set alight by Beric.


This mysterious symbol is weirdly similar to the Targaryen sigil and over the course of the seasons we’ve seen this shape again and again and again, particularly with the White Walkers.

Look, here’s the sigil:



And look at all the times we’ve seen this shape before.



All this seems to be pointing to the Night King being a Targaryen.



It’s gaining traction on social media that’s for sure.


With only five episodes to go it’s going to be fascinating to see how this plays out.


Could there be a three-way battle between all three Targeryen descendants on their dragons?

I sincerely hope so. I will lose my shizzzz.

Images via Twitter/HBO