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Games With A Strong Focus On Survival And Resource Management - Build, Explore, And Survive


Survival and resource management games are popular among players who enjoy games that require strategy and planning. These games are typically set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the player must scavenge for resources and manage them carefully to survive. Here are 10 examples of games with a strong focus on survival and resource management.

Best Survival Games With Resource Management

Check out these games with a strong focus on survival and resource management:

State Of Decay 2

State of Decay 2, developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios, is a third-person action game set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. The player takes on the role of a survivor, tasked with building and managing a community of survivors and scavenging for resources in order to stay alive.

The game features permadeath, meaning that if a character dies, they are lost forever. This adds an extra layer of tension and risk to the gameplay.

The game's survival mechanics are built around the need to scavenge for food, medicine, and other essential supplies, while also defending against zombie attacks and other dangers.

The player must also manage the morale and well-being of their survivors, who have individual needs and personalities that must be taken into account. This can involve making tough decisions about who to prioritize and what resources to allocate.

State of Decay 2 Gameplay: 8 Minutes Of Salvage And Survival


Subnautica, developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, takes a different approach to survival and resource management. Set on an alien planet covered almost entirely by ocean, the player takes on the role of a lone survivor of a crash landing, and must explore the depths to gather resources and build tools in order to survive.

The game features a day-night cycle, and the player must manage their oxygen supply while diving deep into the ocean to collect resources. The game's survival mechanics are built around the need to manage hunger and thirst, as well as the ever-present danger of hostile sea creatures.

The player must gather resources in order to craft tools and equipment, which can be used to build bases and vehicles to aid in exploration and survival. The game also features a story mode, which provides a narrative context for the player's actions and adds a sense of purpose to the survival gameplay.

Subnautica Gameplay Trailer

Don't Starve

Don't Starve is a game developed by Klei Entertainment and was released in 2013. The game's main objective is to survive as long as possible in a procedurally generated world filled with monsters and dangers.

The player takes on the role of a scientist named Wilson, who is trapped in a mysterious wilderness world and must gather resources, craft tools, and build a shelter to survive.

The game's survival mechanics are complex, as the player must manage hunger, sanity, and health. Hunger is decreased by eating food, sanity is decreased by staying in the dark, and health is decreased by getting attacked by monsters.

The game features a day and night cycle, where the player must find shelter during the night to avoid being attacked by dangerous creatures.

The crafting system in Don't Starve is extensive, with a wide range of items and tools that can be crafted from resources gathered in the game world. There are over 450 different craftable items in the game, including weapons, armor, tools, and structures.

Don't Starve VS Don't Starve Together - A Buyer's Guide

The Forest

The Forest is another survival game developed by Endnight Games and was released in 2018. The game's plot follows the story of a man named Eric Leblanc, who is the sole survivor of a plane crash and must survive in a forest filled with cannibalistic mutants.

The game's mechanics are similar to Don't Starve, with the player having to gather resources, craft tools, and build a shelter to survive. However, The Forest has a more realistic survival experience, as players must also deal with elements such as cold, hunger, thirst, and fatigue.

The game's crafting system is also extensive, with over 100 different craftable items, including weapons, armor, tools, and structures. The game also features a building system, where players can build their own base to protect themselves from the mutants.

One unique feature of The Forest is the ability to create traps and defenses to protect your base. The game also features a day and night cycle, where players must find shelter at night to avoid being attacked by mutants.

The Best Survival Game Ever Made? | The Forest Gameplay | Part 1

This War Of Mine

This Warof Mine is a survival game that takes place during a war in a fictional city. Players control a group of survivors who are trying to survive in a besieged city with limited resources.

The game is known for its unique gameplay mechanics, including the ability to scavenge for supplies, craft items, and make tough moral decisions.

One of the unique features of This War of Mine is the game's day and night cycle. During the day, players can fortify their shelter, craft items, and tend to their survivors' needs.

At night, players must send one or more survivors to scavenge for supplies while the others remain at the shelter to defend it against raids. Players must manage their survivors' hunger, thirst, and health while also keeping them safe from danger.

This War of Mine - Gameplay Trailer

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included is a survival game set in a space colony. Players must manage resources such as food, water, and oxygen while also dealing with the challenges of living in space, such as temperature regulation and waste management. The game is known for its complex systems and depth, requiring players to plan ahead and make strategic decisions.

One of the unique features of Oxygen Not Included is the game's focus on colony management. Players must recruit and train colonists with specific skills to help with different tasks around the colony. Players can also research new technologies to unlock new buildings and resources.

Oxygen Not Included [Official Launch Trailer]


RimWorld is a sci-fi colony simulator where players are tasked with managing a group of survivors stranded on a distant planet. Players must gather resources, build structures, and defend their colony against raiders, pirates, and other dangers.

The game features a deep crafting system where players can create weapons, clothing, and tools from raw materials. Additionally, RimWorld features a dynamic AI storyteller that adjusts the difficulty based on the player's performance, creating a unique experience for each playthrough.

RimWorld Launch Trailer

Ark - Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival game set in a prehistoric world filled with dangerous creatures such as dinosaurs, giant insects, and other players. Players must gather resources to build shelter, weapons, and tools while also taming and breeding dinosaurs to help them survive.

The game features a unique ecosystem where players must navigate environmental hazards such as weather and natural disasters while also defending against rival tribes and carnivorous creatures.

ARK: Survival Evolved Official Launch Trailer!

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is a survival game set in the harsh and unforgiving world of Conan the Barbarian. Players must create a character and survive in a brutal, open-world environment filled with dangerous creatures, harsh weather, and other players who may be friend or foe.

The game features a deep crafting system where players must gather resources, build shelter, and craft weapons and tools to survive. Additionally, players can capture and enslave NPCs to work for them or use as sacrifices for powerful gods.

One of the unique features of Conan Exiles is the player's ability to create and manage their own base, which can be fortified with walls, traps, and other defensive structures. However, the base can also be raided and destroyed by other players, adding an element of danger and excitement to the gameplay.

CONAN EXILES Gameplay Trailer (2017)


Raft, on the other hand, is a survival game set on a vast ocean where players are stranded on a small raft and must scavenge for resources to expand their raft and survive.

The game features a unique crafting system where players can craft tools, weapons, and structures from resources found floating in the ocean. However, players must also contend with dangerous sea creatures and harsh weather conditions.

One of the unique features of Raft is the ability to craft and manage a variety of tools and structures, including fishing rods, water purifiers, and even farms to grow crops. Additionally, players can explore nearby islands for resources and secrets, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Raft - Launch Trailer

People Also Ask

Some popular survival games with a focus on resource management include Rust, Don't Starve, The Forest, and Ark: Survival Evolved.

What Is The Objective Of Survival Games With A Focus On Resource Management?

The objective of these games is to survive by managing resources such as food, water, shelter, and tools while avoiding threats such as environmental hazards, wildlife, and other players.

What Skills Are Required To Play Survival Games With A Focus On Resource Management?

Players must have good resource management skills, strategic thinking, and problem-solving abilities to survive in these games.

What Are Some Common Challenges In Survival Games With A Focus On Resource Management?

Common challenges in these games include managing limited resources, dealing with environmental hazards and threats, and maintaining a balance between exploration and survival.

Can Survival Games With A Focus On Resource Management Be Played In Multiplayer Mode?

Yes, many of these games have a multiplayer mode that allows players to work together or compete against each other to survive and thrive.


These games with a strong focus on survival and resource management offer a challenging and immersive experience for players who enjoy strategy, planning, and survival. Each game has its unique setting and challenges, making them enjoyable for players who are looking for something different.

In addition, these games offer endless replayability, as players can try different strategies and approaches to survival each time they play. Overall, survival and resource management games provide an exciting and engaging experience for players who enjoy a challenge.

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