It’s 2021, how is this still happening?

A video on social media has shocked many, after what seems to be a homophobic arrest at a beach.

The Canadian men were on holiday in Mexico, when they were reportedly arrested for kissing on a beach near a group of children.

Video of their arrest was captured by a local women’s rights activist Maritza Escalante. In the video, one of the men can be heard saying they are being arrested because they are gay.

Police arrested the men in Tulum last Sunday, February 21, after someone made a complaint about ‘obscene behaviour involving several people’.

‘We are gay and we were kissing and that’s why they are taking us. We are gay,’ the man said.

Chanting At Officers

Beachgoers came to the couple’s defence, surrounding the police vehicle. They began chanting at the officers, which apparently led to the couple being let go.

Escalante wrote on Facebook that she couldn’t believe what happened. She said she was appalled at the treatment of the couple.

‘Yesterday while I was at the beach with my family, we saw the police approach a group of young foreigners. After about 20 minutes they proceeded to arrest them with handcuffs.

‘To my surprise, and that of many who approached [the police], the ‘reason’ for their arrest was because they were gay and had kissed,’ Escalante wrote

Escalante claimed that police officers had behaved violently. However, the officers protested, saying ‘there are families and children around and they can’t be watching this’.

‘They forcibly took them on the patrol and wouldn’t let them go, all of us who were gathered were upset with the situation. We told [the police] they were not committing any crime, they were not letting go,’ she said.

‘At no point did [the couple] do anything wrong, simply by kissing each other like any other couple, they wanted to [arrest] them. I am furious that in the 21st century they continue to display this kind of oppression against the LGBT community +. We all deserve the same treatment,’ she added.

Police Statement

The Quintana Roo Tulum Police department issued a statement saying the officers had responded to a call of individuals engaging in ‘vulgar sexual acts’.

‘We are an inclusive and impartial police both for residents and tourists who visit the state of Quintana Roo. So no abuse of authority will be tolerated,’ the statement said, according to MailOnline.
Do you think it’s right that they were arrested?
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