Britain’s Got Talent has become a bit of a joke these days.

In fact, I don’t even know who watches it anymore.

But if the calibre of talent was like this next lady then I’d deffo tune in.


Germany’s Got Talent viewers were shocked recently when a woman dropped her trousers and ate sausages’ with her bum.



Duckie L’Orange didn’t say a word during her performance – she didn’t need to her.

Judges watched in horror as she walked to the back of the stage, lifted up her shirt and dropped her trousers to reveal a face of a dog. She then sat on the floor and hovered over to the sausages, picking them up with her bum and shoving them so it looked like the dog was eating them.


She tensed her arsecheeks to make it look like the dog was chewing, and the live audience and judges couldn’t believe their eyes.

TV star Sylvie Meis, model Bruce Darnell and Dieter Bohlen didn’t know where to look. And nor did I.


Check it out:

How is that even a talent?

Sure, it’s hilarious – and bold of her – but literally anyone could do that.


Not that they would – look at this – so embarrassing,


Told you these talent shows have gone to the dogs.