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Getting Intimate - Top Tips To Build Intimacy Without Getting It On In 2022


Intimacy is about much more than just sex. It's all about being close, being together, and making your connection truly solid when you get physical.

Read on for our recommendations for getting intimate without getting it on, whether you're waiting to sleep with a new partner, taking a vacation from sex in your long-term relationship, or just searching for some other ways to get closer to your boo.


A Man Discussing With His Lover
A Man Discussing With His Lover
  • Send a sassy love letter or leave a voicemail. Verbal affirmations are a pleasant and simple method to let bae know you're thinking about them.
  • Engage in an in-depth discussion. Spend an hour (or three) just conversing, whether on the phone, FaceTime, or in person.
  • Make inquiries! There are things you don't know about your mate no matter how long you've been with. So begin by inquiring!
  • Thank your partner for something they accomplished that day, whether it was something simple like remembering to get toilet paper or something huge like organizing a vacation. Make sure they know how much you value them!

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A Couple Being Intimate
A Couple Being Intimate
  • Before going to bed, give each other a massage.
  • Take a bath with each other! (Bonus points if you use the Kush Queens Love CBD Bath Bomb from our June Sluts 4 Love SlutBox.)
  • Cuddle! Curl up together and enjoy a movie.
  • In public, hold hands. Take a hand-in-hand walk around the block.
  • Make out.
  • When one of you does something amazing, give each other a high five.


A Woman Smiling To Her Man
A Woman Smiling To Her Man
  • Together, try something new! For dinner, try a new recipe or go to a new restaurant in town.
  • Pay a visit to a museum. Do the crossword puzzle in the Sunday paper together! Take a lesson as a couple.
  • Whatever you want to do, whether it's dancing, cooking, or crafts. Getting out of your usual routine will provide you with new experiences and topics to discuss.
  • Work out with your friends! Getting active is a terrific way to shake up the routine, whether it's a friendly game of pick-up basketball in the park or a jog through the woods.
  • Have a dance party in the living room by trading tunes or mixtapes with your boo.

Difficulties In Creating Intimacy

Two People Facing Difficulties In Becoming Intimate
Two People Facing Difficulties In Becoming Intimate

It might be difficult for some couples to achieve closeness in their relationships. Others may notice that after intimacy is achieved, it seems to fade away.

There are a variety of reasons why some people have trouble achieving closeness in their relationships. This is frequently caused by issues such as:

  • Communication problems - if you and your partner don't communicate your feelings and needs to each other, they're unlikely to be met. Intimacy is difficult to achieve or sustain if you do not feel understood by your partner. It's critical to communicate your needs to your spouse and to check in with them on how they're doing. This act alone can produce a sense of connectedness and intimate conflict - it can be difficult to develop intimacy in a relationship if there is continual conflict.
  • It's difficult to feel connected to someone with whom you're having a disagreement. Anger, hurt, resentment, a lack of trust, or a feeling of unappreciation can all have an impact on intimacy.
  • Practical considerations - Practical concerns and life stressors such as financial anxieties, work demands, child-related concerns, or simply being too busy to truly connect with each other can hinder intimacy. There are times in a couple's relationship when the couple's needs must be set aside while more critical matters are addressed, but it's crucial to attempt to carve out time together as a pair, even if it's just a 5-minute check in or sharing a cup of tea. Small moments of feeling near to one another add up to a stronger sense of intimacy.
  • traumatic childhood events
  • Traumas from the past and present
  • financial strains and health problems

Intimacy is something that we all struggle with. It is common for couples to collaborate in order to overcome these obstacles.

Intimacy Is Built Up Over Time

Twi People Building Intimacy
Twi People Building Intimacy

It takes time to build and maintain closeness in a relationship, and some people require longer than others.

Developing intimacy in a relationship is often more rewarding the harder you work at it. The following are some ideas for increasing intimacy in your relationship.

  • Recognize and appreciate the positive aspects of your relationship. Tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them with words and actions. Make it clear to your partner what you value in them and in the relationship. Put it into words and don't assume they know what you're talking about. Everyone enjoys hearing that they are valued and cherished.
  • Discuss your feelings and what you require from the connection in an open and honest manner.
  • Make intimate situations possible. Make time for each other and your relationship by spending time together as a couple. The more difficult it is to accomplish this due to children, work, or other obligations, the more crucial it is that you do it. Make time for the two of you to be alone on a regular basis, whether it's an evening, a day, or a weekend.
  • Accept that there will be highs and lows in your relationship. Continue to look for new methods to connect on a deeper level. These aren't always grandiose displays of affection. Spending time together, even if it's only for a few seconds, is just as vital as going on a date.
  • Keep a cheerful attitude and be thankful for what you have in your relationship.
  • Be aware that in order to create intimacy, both partners in a relationship must commence the process.

12 Steps of Intimacy 💋

People Also Ask

What Is Intimacy To A Woman?

Intimacy encompasses more than just sexual requirements. Emotional, spiritual, physical, and recreational demands are all part of intimacy.

You can be less interested in sex if your emotional closeness demands aren't being met.

Consider what your partner might be able to do to improve your emotional closeness, and discuss it openly and honestly.

What Is Intimacy To A Man?

In general, intimacy entails getting to know someone well while also feeling well known. It is something that all humans need, and just because males find it more difficult to communicate it doesn't imply they don't need or want it.

What Does It Mean To Be Intimate With Someone?

In a relationship, intimacy refers to a sensation of being near, emotionally attached, and supported. It entails being able to communicate a wide range of human feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

What Is Deep Intimacy?

Intimacy entails knowing and feeling profoundly known by another individual. That doesn't happen in a bar chat, on a beautiful day at the beach, or even during sex. It doesn't happen in the first few weeks or months of a new relationship.


Two People Smiling To Each Other
Two People Smiling To Each Other

In a relationship, intimacy refers to a sensation of being near, emotionally attached, and supported.

It entails being able to communicate a wide range of human feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

It entails being honest and talking through your feelings and thoughts, letting your guard down (vulnerability), and telling someone else how you feel and what your hopes and dreams are.

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