In the latest update from her lawyer, Ghislaine Maxwell has been pictured with a “black eye” in a photo.

It comes days after he said he was ‘heartbroken’ over the latest ruling over their bail request.

Maxwell is awaiting trial for charges claiming that she recruited teenage girls for ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse.

Her lawyer says Ghislaine does not know where the bruise came from. However, they believe it may be due to her using a sock or towel to shield her eyes.


He previously complained to the court that guards shine a torchlight into her prison cell every 15 minutes to make sure she is still alive. Lawyer Bobbi Sternheim says after Epstein’s death in prison, they are worried she will kill herself too.

The lawyer has made the claims in a letter to the district court judge who is overseeing the case.

In the note, he claims that the guards at the Brooklyn jail were threatening to move her to separate housing if she could not explain the bruise.

Ms Sternheim wrote: “While Ms Maxwell is unaware of the cause of the bruise, as reported to medical and psych staff, she has grown increasingly reluctant to report information to the guards for fear of retaliation, discipline, and punitive chores.”

According to the court papers, Maxwell has no mirror. They claim she only saw the bruise in a reflection in a nail clipper.

Sleep Deprived

Another of her lawyers argued that the constant checks are making her sleep-deprived and also prevents her from preparing for trial.

Circuit judge Pierre Leval asked if she is a suicide risk, and added that such constant checks are “routine” in the cells.

The charges relate to her alleged role in trafficking four teenage girls for Epstein to abuse between 1994 and 2004.

“Not Guilty”

In her first appearance before a judge last week, she pleaded not guilty.

She has been in custody since she was arrested in July 2020.

Maxwell has been denied bail four times due to concerns she is a flight risk.

The bail requests have all been unsuccessful despite her lawyers offering a guarantee of $28.5m (£20m). They also said there would be 24-hour armed guards. There was also a promise from Maxwell that she would renounce her British and French citizenships.

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