Bad news for Ghislaine Maxwell.

Her lawyer claims he is “heartbroken” after his client was denied bail for the fourth time.

He had argued to a US court that she is suffering sleep loss as well as being “intimidated” by jail guards.

The legal team had appealed to a three-judge panel. They gave the ruling on Tuesday, and said that the disgraced former socialite should appeal to a lower district court.

Her attorney, David Markus, said they are “considering our options for next step.”

The ruling states: “During oral argument, counsel for Appellant expressed concern that Appellant was improperly being deprived of sleep while incarcerated.

“To the extent Appellant seeks relief specific to her sleeping conditions, such request should be addressed to the District Court.”

It means they can appeal to the district court over her sleep deprivation.


Maxwell is in prison in Brooklyn. She has been held there since July 2020, on multiple charges of trafficking underage girls.

She is accused of trafficking the young women for her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein, who was a convicted sex offender. He killed himself back in 2019 while awaiting trial.

However, Maxwell denies all the charges against her.

The court heard on Monday that she is kept awake at night by guards to ensure that she does not die in jail like Epstein.

Mr Markus argued that she sleeps with a sock or towel over her eyes in order to block the torchlight. Prison guards shine lights into her cell every 15 minutes.  He argues this is making her sleep-deprived and also prevents her from preparing for trial.

Circuit judge Pierre Leval challenged this claim. He asked if she is a suicide risk, and added that such constant checks are “routine” in the cells.


Meanwhile, Mr Markus argued: “There’s no evidence she’s suicidal. Why is the Bureau of Prisons doing this? They’re doing it because Jeffrey Epstein died on their watch. And again, she’s not Jeffrey Epstein, this isn’t right,”

Another of Ms Maxwell’s legal team, Bobbi Sternheim,  filed papers on Monday night.

In it she claimed that the jail guard stood “knee to knee” with her when Ms Maxwell used the “commode in the small area containing one toilet and a sink.”

“Having a guard standing over her while she used the commode caused Ms Maxwell to feel intimidated and humiliated,” the letter said.

The letter was filed on the same day as the bail request was made.

If found guilty, Maxwell is facing 80 years in prison for the alleged trafficking charges in the 1990s and early 2000s.

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